Trending: Cutout Dresses

No matter what clothing stores I walked in lately, it seems like cutout dresses are everywhere. The majority of them have cut outs at the midriff area. They are the perfect mix of conservative and sexy, showing just enough skin, yet not over exposing. If you want to be more sexy, there are one with back cut outs too! They are so versatile, I can see this becoming a pretty popular trend this summer!

Nasty Gal Assymetric Cutout Dress $68

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Spotted: Floral Pants

When browsing fashion blogs lately, I noticed many of them have recent posts with a common piece: floral pants. Spring is finally here and what’s a better way to welcome Spring than wearing something floral print? Floral dresses, shirts have all already been done, so why not floral pants? Pairing them with a simple top, sandals/flats/heels, and sunglasses and you have a perfectly assembled outfit!

Current/Elliot The Stiletto Floral Print Skinny Jeans
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Colour-Blocking Pumps

It’s spring time! Almost anyways. And bright pumps are the best way to step into spring! It’s so colourful, cheery and can liven up any outfit immediately! Colour-blocking pumps are the epitome of bright pumps in my opinion. There are so many different variation, so many combinations, and they are so much more eye catching!

Here are some colour-blocking pumps that I found for every price bracket!

Jessica Simpson Weema – Patriot Blue $98.99
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Let’s Get Collar-Crazy!

Bold collared blouses are all the rage right now. You see blouses with glittered collars, sequined collars, crochet collars, anything you can think of! They are such cute little addition to any simple plain blouse that will instantly take your outfit from ordinary to glamourous.

Here are some that I’ve round up that I absolutely adore!

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