Life Lately… According to My iPhone.









1. This is why I love Starbucks.
2. Sushi with a friend at Gozen, London, ON. Salmon sushi and spicy salmon roll.
3. Raspberry tart and Vanilla frozen yogurt with mango, marshmallow, mochi, and chocolate chips at Kiwi Kraze, London, ON.
4. Baked egg and Avocado made by boyfriend. Surprisingly delicious.
5.Lamb Burger at the Bungalow in London, ON.
6. Cheap, delicious breakfast at Campus Hi-Fi in London, ON

Sephora VIB + MAC + Essie + Drugstore Haul

Yes another haul post… but hey one needs to use that 15% off at Sephora while one can right? MAC came out with a few collections today, so it only makes sense if I go check it out. Essie… well the salon had 50% off a bunch of Essie polishes! And I wondered into a drugstore… and walked out with stuff, as usual. So here are all the stuff I got!

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Life Lately… According to my iPhone Pictures

These two weeks have been insane and I can’t wait till Thursday is over! There hasn’t been too much going on these couple weeks outside of school… just lots of food (as you will be able to tell from the pictures). I hope you all have an amazing week!


1. Vogue + Toffee Nut Latte. Best way to start a day
2. Encouraging sayings on Halls… never knew they existed! So cute!
3. These trees look sad… I want spring to be here! Done with -15C weather!
4. Vermicelli with spring roll and pork… mmmhmm so delicious
5. So this is what the inside of laptops look like… boyfriend and I opened up and put back together his laptop.
6. Delicious fried rice made by boyfriend and pork chop with creme of mushroom. Yummm.

Life Lately… According to My iPhone Pictures.

1. Old roommates bought me this maple leaf cookie to celebrate me becoming a Canuck!
2,3. Girls’ Night Out with some great friends.
4. Deluxe Dark Hot Chocolate at William’s… perfect for a long cold night.
5. Starbucks’ Valentine’s Day cup… so gorgeous. Best studying companion.
6. Winter finally decides to hit London… not impressed.

Also, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you had a great day! 🙂