May Favourites!

How is it June already?! Time passes way, way, way too fast! It means I’m going to be going on my trip in a couple weeks! So exciting, yet I”m dreading the whole planning and packing process… which I will leave till last minute sadly. I don’t think I’ve ever done a post on monthly favourites, so I figure I should start it now! Continue reading

MAC Star Violet Eyeshadow Review and Swatches

Now that I got my new camera, I have been taking pictures of my make up for the whole morning, since I can finally show the colours/shades more accurately than from the iPhone camera… so, expect a number of review/swatches posts coming up! 🙂

I bought MAC’s Star Violet shadow near the end of 2011, but I haven’t really dipped into it until recently. While I am rather adventurous with lip colours, I am pretty conservative with eyeshadow. I do love colour shadows, since they are so pretty, but I just can never convince myself to put them on my lids.  Continue reading