Wishful Wednesday… Kate Spade Elina Flats

Image via wishwall.me

I have been looking for a new pair of flats for a while, and this is no easy task for me. Most flats make my feet bleed (yeah… I’m way beyond just blisters). I am also very picky about how my flats look. I personally prefer heels, but my feet and ankles feel otherwise. I have had times where I wear heels for the whole week, and then my ankle (or some tendon in there) decide to get inflammed and hurt with every step I take. So I guess a new pair of flats is needed.

I currently own one pair of flats (and maybe 10 pairs of heels… oops), and it is a pair of leopard printed flats from Aldo that I picked up for around $11CAD (It was on clearance and then there’s an extra 30% off and I had a discount for 15%). It is a bit too big for me, which also explains why it did not give me blisters (or a bloodbath!). But I have been wearing it so much I feel like its nearing the end of its services, hence here I am, looking for another pair of flats.

This pair of Kate Spade flats showed itself to me first on Pinterest, I fell in love with it instantly! Cork has been pretty big on heels lately, but I have never seen them used like this on flats! The gold cap also really drew me in. I love the contrast between the naturalness of the cork, and the trendiness of the gold.

Now if only this doesn’t cost a whopping $225… I might actually cave and buy this if they are really comfortable, so I guess I will see how I feel after I try them on!

What do you think of these shoes? Have you ever tried flats from Kate Spade? If so, are they comfortable?

NARS + Essie + The Bay Haul

I went to Holt Renfrew today in hope of locating the Prada bags I have been lusting for… but with no luck. Holt Renfrew just does not carry what I want! They did not have the Balenciaga City Bag that I wanted, or the Marc by Marc Jacob wallet that I wanted… and now this. But all is not lost! I wandered to the NARS counter, and ended up purchasing two NARS products from their summer collection. They did not have the products out for display yet, but they did have the products in stock. (Sephora did not have the summer collection in stock as of today). I got the Never Say Never Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, and the Liberte Blush. I totally did not plan on getting these today (was going to wait till I head to the states), but Holt Renfrew is having a promotion where you get a gift card that’s worth 15% of your cosmetic purchase, and 25% of your apparel and accessory purchase. Their site says it’s from April 28-29. I also got a Valentino perfume sample when I saw walking around! Yay for perfume samples! Continue reading

Colour-Blocking Pumps

It’s spring time! Almost anyways. And bright pumps are the best way to step into spring! It’s so colourful, cheery and can liven up any outfit immediately! Colour-blocking pumps are the epitome of bright pumps in my opinion. There are so many different variation, so many combinations, and they are so much more eye catching!

Here are some colour-blocking pumps that I found for every price bracket!

Jessica Simpson Weema – Patriot Blue $98.99
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