My Mini MAC Lipstick Collection and Swatches

I’ve wanted to do this post for the longest time but the weather has never been good which results in not having good lighting. (The light fixtures in my apartment do NOT permit any decent pictures of swatches whatsoever. At least I will be moving soon!)

I do not own that many MAC lipsticks (only a few actually), but I am quite ready to expand this collection, since there are so many pretty shades and I love their formulations! MAC has a number of different lipstick formulae, including Lustre, Amplified, Amplified Creme, Matte, Cremesheen, Frost, Glaze, Satin. I only own lipsticks in Lustre, Amplified, Cremesheen and Matte, so I can only talk about these four finishes, but hopefully I will get some in other formulations later and will be able to review/swatch them!

From left to right: Crosswires, Craving, Plumful, Lovelorn, Force of Love, Russian Red

In terms of staying power, matte is definitely the champ, and for obvious reasons. It clings to your lips like no tomorrow, the down side is that it’s rather drying. I usually wear lipbalm right under it so it’s a little better, and also makes the lines less obvious. With the other three formula, I think Amplified is the next best, cremesheen, and then lustre. I feel like it also has to do with the pigmentation. Matte and amplified have some serious pigmentation, opaque in one swipe, cremesheen is okay, with lustre being the most sheer out of these (but definitely not the most sheer out of all the formula).

In regards to what’s the best “feeling” one, I feel like they are all pretty similar except matte (since it is drying). Amplified feels more heavy than cremesheen, and lustre is the most lightweight out of these.

All in all, my personal favourite formulation out of these is between cremesheen and amplified, since they are the happy median, but there are days when I prefer the other ones, like matte when I go to a party so I don’t have to worry about retouching throughout the night.

Anyhow, now onto the collection! This is a rather picture heavy post since I have both swatches on my arm and lip swatches! Continue reading