NOTD: Essie Borrowed & Blue

This is probably the one nail polish that I have been looking for for the longest, ever – Essie’s Borrowed & Blue. It’s not a new shade, as it is part of the Wedding collection in 2011. I was so ecstatic when I found it in a little nail polish store in Hong Kong!
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Skincare, Make up, Nail Polish Haul

Okay. One last haul (for a couple days)! I left the housing thinking I won’t buy anything… and yet here we are. Such bad self discipline. tsktsk. I blame my friend for showing me this amazing “up stairs store”… and it all started there. Continue reading

May Favourites!

How is it June already?! Time passes way, way, way too fast! It means I’m going to be going on my trip in a couple weeks! So exciting, yet I”m dreading the whole planning and packing process… which I will leave till last minute sadly. I don’t think I’ve ever done a post on monthly favourites, so I figure I should start it now! Continue reading

May Luxe Box!

This was my first Luxebox, and I was originally super excited about it. I was out of the city for a bit so when I got back, the first thing I did was rushing to the mailbox to get my parcel. And then I opened it and found two boxes in it! But the excitement ended about there, because I opened it and looked at what I got, and I immediately decided I am cancelling my subscription. Continue reading

Drugstore Makeup Haul

Another haul post… this is what happens when I go to the mall two days in a row. Well I do have an explanation this time, London drugs (a drugstore that’s only in certain provinces in Canada) has a couple for $10 off any $25 purchase of makeup… how can I pass on that?  Continue reading

Julep Introductory Box – Classic With A Twist

I got my first Julep box for 1 cent a while back, and I received the box sometime in April! I have not been able to review it since I did not see it until recently, when I got home. So as promised, here’s a quite look at my first Julep Introductory Box!

After doing the style profile when I signed up, the “style” I got was Classic with a Twist, so I just got the box in that style. I did not know at the time that I can change to another style if I want! But it’s okay, I didn’t dislike the colour in this set anyways. Continue reading

NARS + Essie + The Bay Haul

I went to Holt Renfrew today in hope of locating the Prada bags I have been lusting for… but with no luck. Holt Renfrew just does not carry what I want! They did not have the Balenciaga City Bag that I wanted, or the Marc by Marc Jacob wallet that I wanted… and now this. But all is not lost! I wandered to the NARS counter, and ended up purchasing two NARS products from their summer collection. They did not have the products out for display yet, but they did have the products in stock. (Sephora did not have the summer collection in stock as of today). I got the Never Say Never Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, and the Liberte Blush. I totally did not plan on getting these today (was going to wait till I head to the states), but Holt Renfrew is having a promotion where you get a gift card that’s worth 15% of your cosmetic purchase, and 25% of your apparel and accessory purchase. Their site says it’s from April 28-29. I also got a Valentino perfume sample when I saw walking around! Yay for perfume samples! Continue reading

NOTD: Zoya Farah + Glitters

Oops my apologies for the lack of posts lately! Exams are in full force right now… so I figured school is a little more important (just a tad bit though). So here’s a quick NOTD post. I used Zoya’s Farah (2 coats), and then on my ring finger I added glitters before the top coat dried… Lets see how long this glitter lasts…. with all the dishes I do and being just a clumpsy person in general… I would not be surprised if that’s gone by tomorrow haha! What are you wearing on your nails today? 🙂

On a random note: I used to absolutely dislike this song, but after hearing this cover, I love love LOVE it! It’s all I’m listening to now. Chad Sugg is soooooooooo hot omg. ❤

Mini Haul (Lancome + Macadamia Natural Oil)

Hmmm so… the last thing I should be doing is shopping, seeing how exams are coming up and I really need to study, but I saw a GWP promotion at Lancome, and I just got sucked in, and headed to the mall with pearlessence!

I picked up the Teint Miracle foundation from Lancome. I have been using the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 14 hours this winter but it’s getting a little too heavy for Spring/Summer. Teint Miracle is a natural, light-weight foundation, with “AURA-INSIDE” technology to make the skin “lit-from-within”. It states that it has moderate coverage, natural finish. I got it in the shade Buff 2(W). I also absolutely LOVE the packaging! Continue reading

Julep Maven Box for 1 Cent!

First of all, I would like to say a little disclaimer. I have not been sponsored or contacted by Julep to write this post. I am writing this because it’s a great deal that was shared by Two Lacquered Girls and I want to share with you all!

(image via

So now let’s get to this deal. Julep Maven Box is a monthly subscription service (much like Birchbox, Luxebox etc), but it’s exclusively for nail polish. More specifically, Julep nail polishes and their products. It goes for $20.00/month (shipping included). But with their currently promotion, you can sign up for an account, do a style quiz, then add a box to your cart, and enter “COLOR2012” in the promo code area… and ta-da your total comes to 1 cent! Once you made an account, shipping is free!

I just purchased my Julep introductory box for 1 cent yesterday, so I can’t really review on how the products are, but stay tuned for a review once I receive it! I ended up getting the introductory Classic with a Twist box. I’m really excited since I really like the two colours it comes with!

One thing very different about Julep box (when compared to other monthly subscription service), is that you can choose what box you want before they ship it out! And if nothing that month excites you, you can skip that month (and save $20) just with a click of a button! They also have an option where you can easily send a box to a friend, if you think they would enjoy it. I’m not a huge fan of surprises, so I appreciate how I get to know what I will get before they ship it, and have the option to skip it if I know I won’t like it! But for those of you who likes the surprise element, apparently from time to time they include extra little things that’s not listed! For example, they packed chocolate eggs in the April box, or they include toe separators, nail files etc!

I am debating if I am going to stick to the subscription, but for nail polish junkies, it’s a pretty good deal. The site said in each box, it contains products valued at least $40, so that’s at least 50% off already! I will maybe keep it for a couple months, and see how I feel about the products, since they do have some pretty nice colours! I will be posting reviews once I get them!

If it sounds like something you want to try out, (and if you don’t mind), it would be great if you can use my referral link here! For every two people you refer, you actually get a free month! 🙂

Are you already a Julep Maven? If so, how do you like it? If not, are you interested in trying this?

Sephora VIB + MAC + Essie + Drugstore Haul

Yes another haul post… but hey one needs to use that 15% off at Sephora while one can right? MAC came out with a few collections today, so it only makes sense if I go check it out. Essie… well the salon had 50% off a bunch of Essie polishes! And I wondered into a drugstore… and walked out with stuff, as usual. So here are all the stuff I got!

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NOTD: Pastel Purple and Green Polka Dots

A quick NOTD post… I was bored with preparing for my thesis presentation and studying, so as usual, I painted my nails! I used Essie’s Absolutely Shore (from last year’s summer collection) as the base colour, then painted dots of purple using Essie’s Love & Acceptance (from upcoming 2012 Bridal collection).

I used nail dotting tools to help me with the dots, I know a lot of people just use q-tips, but for some reason that never works for me. I got a whole set of nail dotting tools on eBay for $1.99! Can you believe it? And it comes with 5 tools of different sizes that allow you to paint different size dots! Continue reading

NOTD: Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy

I got this polish as a gift from the lovely pearlessence (thanks so much! :]), since she knows I have been looking for a lilac colour since forever! How thoughtful of her! I painted my nails with it yesterday right after I got it from her and I loved it so I decided to do a quick Nail of The Day post!

According to Essie‘s website, To Buy Or Not To Buy is a lavender with shimmer. To me it looks more pink with a faint hint of lavender, there is really fine purple, green, blue shimmer in the polish. The shimmer is almost unnoticeable once you paint a topcoat over it unless you are really looking for it.

Essie is my favourite brand of nail polish. Hands down. I really wanted to like OPI but I am not a big fan of their formulation, and for some reason they chip pretty fast on me. On the other hand, Essie usually doesn’t chip on my nails for at least 5 days (with base coat + 2 coats of polish + top coat), and the formulation of most of their polishes is smooth and easy to apply. There are some misses (ahem Angel Food I’m talking about you), but all in all it’s the best brand I’ve tried.

To Buy Or Not To Buy has the usual smooth and easy to apply consistency of most Essie polishes. It is opaque in two coats, which is surprisingly good for a polish that is this pale. From my past experience, light coloured Essie polishes usually require 3 coats. So this is a pleasant surprise. I have only worn it for a day so I can’t speak about its lasting power, but I expect nothing worse than the usual Essie polishes.

Outdoor, overcast

Indoor, overcast

I picked up Love & Acceptance the other day I was at the mall (as mentioned in my haul post). It’s another lilac, but with no shimmer. From first look it looks very  similar to To Buy Or Not To Buy, but it is more purply and pale. It’s from their 2012 Bridal collection that will be released in April. I will paint my nails with that next and I will do a quick comparison of the two!

Spring/Summer Day Out Outfit

The weather has been unseasonably hot lately. It feels like it’s summer but it’s not even officially spring yet. I remember last year this time there was still snow on the ground! Talk about global warming eh. I am definitely not complaining about the weather, I just wish I was more prepared for this since I packed away all my summer clothes and brought them home to Winnipeg during reading week. I guess it’s time to shop for shorts and skirts and dresses!

Anyhow, this gorgeous weather inspired me to put together a outfit that I think would be perfect for this weather, it’s simple, cute, and yet the lace and flower hairpiece add some femininity to it. I used it with pink shorts but to be honest, any pastel colored shorts would look great with this outfit! I hope you like it!

Full Tilt Tiered Lace Womens Tank 
Top Shop MOTO Neon Pink Hotpants
Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses
H&M Hair Clip/Brooch
Essie Nail Polish in To Buy Or Not To Buy
Oasis Glitter Toepost Sandals