R+S: Color Club Nail Polish in Fashion Addict


I got this gorgeous polish from nailpolishcanada.com a little over a week ago when they had a sale on Color Club polishes at $5.36 each. I have never had any nail polishes from Color Club but they had a ton of gorgeous colour so I took the plunge and got 5. One of them is Fashion Addict.

It is a stunning pink/lilac holographic polish. The holo shifts between green, blue, orange, and gold. I have never tried any holographic polishes either (that’s a lot of firsts in one polish), but I think I am in love.

The formula is ah-mazing. One coat would’ve probably cut it but I used two for safety measures. It’s not streaky at all, and it’s just the right viscosity, which makes application a dream. I didn’t wear a top coat in the pictures, but it still looks super glossy and light-reflecting. Picture was taken with indoor lighting because it looks super sad outside right now. All stormy and rainy and grey. 😦

Overall I am super duper impressed with this polish, and can’t wait to try and review my other 4 polishes from Color Club!

Funny side story, I missed the intercom call from the delivery man by a minute and knowing it’s my polishes, I ran to the elevator and cursed at it for going at slug speed. When I got down I didn’t see the delivery man so I sadly went to my mailbox to get the delivery notice… only to see the mail man staring right at me on the other side, and then he walked out and handed me the package. So much win.

*I am not affiliated with Nail Polish Canada and the above link is not an affiliated link. I purchased the polish and all opinions are my own*