Review: GLAMGLOW Super-Mud Clearing Treatment

Glam GlowI have heard a lot about the GlamGlow treatments, but I finally caved in when I saw this set on Sephora. At $69 for 34ml, this jar of gold mud definitely put a dent in my bank account, but is it worth the price tag?

I definitely think it is worth the money. The Super-Mud Clearing Treatment comes with a whole list of benefits ranging from pore minimizing, razor bumps, skin tone evening to narsty ingrown hair. The mask is a dark grey paste that has some small chunks (I believe charcoal) in it. I just apply a thin layer evenly on clean face and wait for it to dry. When it dries, it turns into a a light grey color, but the cool part is that you can see where the masks extracted crap from your pores! The mask gets tight and dry within minutes, and the packaging suggest that you leave it on anywhere from 5-20 minutes. At this price, of course I’m going to leave it on my face for as long as possible, so I left it on for 20 minutes. I felt a tingling, almost burning sensation after around 5 minutes, but it subsided eventually. My face was a bit red after the mask, but it was gone really quickly.

The result? The blackheads around my nose are almost non-existent, and the pores on my cheeks are minimized. I only used this mask twice, so I can’t comment on any long-term results, but I have high hopes for this. I read somewhere that a jar lasts ~17 treatments, so we will see how it goes after I finish this jar!

Sephora Haul with NARS Foreplay

Disclaimer: I did this haul online way BEFORE I started my Project Pan, but I just got it when I flew home yesterday! Anyways, words cannot describe how excited I was about getting the NARS Foreplay Cheek Palette in my hands! Continue reading

Hong Kong Haul Day 2!

The weather is still humid and hot like yesterday, and I am bracing myself for weather like this for the rest of my time in HK, which I hope isn’t true lol! I headed back to Mannings today just because I can (gotta love how convenient it is to get everywhere in HK!), and also did a quick stop-by at a chain department store called Log-On. Continue reading

Lush Haul (and The Avengers)

Yes… another Lush haul. It seems like Lush just manages to suck me into the store every time I walk past it. I’m always just like… “I wil just take a quick look”, and yet I always walk out with something!  Continue reading