Lipstick Challenge


Hello, my name is Angel, and it has been 3 days since I last wore the same lipstick. *Crowd: Hello Angel*

So… here’s my story. I have a lipstick problem. I have one mouth and way too many lipsticks for that. I blame the evil part of me which is a shopaholic. Anyways, in wake of this problem, and an inspiration from Jenn @ A Beautiful Zen, I decided to do this lipstick challenge.  Continue reading

Favourite Everyday Lip Colours

Favourite Everyday Lip Colour

Left to Right:
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink Sizzle (810)
Maybelline Color Whisper in Rose of Attraction (75)
Maybelline Color Whisper in Pin Up Peach (30)
Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm Blush Twist in (210)
Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm Coral Twist in (235)
MAC Lipstick in Fanfare

Sorry for the super-mega long hiatus I look from blogging! Life got pretty busy and there are other priorities… you know? But I’m back and today I bring you a post on my favourite everyday lip colours. Continue reading

Hong Kong MAC Haul + My New Luggage!

I finally found a MAC in Hong Kong, I was actually surprised that most products are not much pricier than Canada (actually some are cheaper)! The reason I needed to find a MAC in HK is because there is this one lipstick I wanted from the Fashion Set, but it’s Asia specific. Continue reading

Mini Covergirl Haul

Well… I saw a $4 off $15 coupon at Superstore for Covergirl products… so yeah that’s my excuse for now. I got another Lip Perfection Lipstick, because I loved my first one so much. This time I got it in the shade Heavenly. It’s a muted pink, and I think it will be very suitable for everyday wear! I am very excited to try it and see if it lasts nearly as long as the other one (Fairytale, reviewed here)! Continue reading

Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Mr. Lover Review & Swatch

Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Mr. Lover is a bright fuchsia. It is not so bright that it’s neon, but it definitely will turn heads on the street! The Sephora rouge cream lipstick line is described as “A revamp of the iconic Sephora Lip Attitude Chic, this new hydrating formula provides improved coverage and is rife with pigment. The creamy texture softly glazes your lips, imparting just the right amount of color and sheen.” Continue reading

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Demure Review & Swatch

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks are described as “infused with mega-moisturizers to seal in color and softness. Find your lip color amongst a dazzling array of 82 fabulous, fashionable shades!” Demure is a warm-toned neutral with gold shimmer in it.

Demure is a great, wearable everyday shade. It adds subtle colour and sheen to the lips without drawing attention. It’s perfect for work, or when you want to play up your eyes, since this will complete your look without pulling the attention away. The shimmer in the lipstick is really subtle when applied on lips, making it barely noticeable, but just giving the lips a nice shine. The pigmentation is just okay, but it is easily be built up. It does pool slightly in lip lines, but it’s not obvious, since the colour is so neutral. It glides on the lips easily, and has no taste or scent. It lasted ~3 hours on my lips.

The packaging is the regular round, classic Revlon black and gold lipstick tube. I love how the top of the tube is transparent so you can actually see the lipstick! Much better than trying to guess the shade by looking at those usually-extremely-inaccurate stickers!

Bottomline: If you are looking for a drugstore lipstick that is work-safe, and don’t mind reapplying throughout the day, you might want to check Demure out! Continue reading

Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Fairytale Review & Swatches

Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Fairytale is described as a pink to rose colour. The Lip Perfection Lipstick line is said to be “Enriched with Silk Moisturizing Complex, our formula helps sustain levels of moisture and helps create soft, smoother, beautiful lips in just 7 days.”

To me, this is more of a coral-pink, instead of a pink. It’s more coral than MAC Crosswires (Review coming soon). The packaging is sleek, with a metallic cap and a coloured end showing the shade, and I really appreciate how the colour actually matches the shade.  The pigmentation is excellent, one swipe on the lips yields opaque coverage. The formula also feels great on the lips, it glides on easily, no tug-o-war with the lips is needed. The lipstick is non drying, although after 6-8 hours of wear I do feel like I could use some lip balm. It also lasts a very long time on the lips, at least 8 hours for me, which is exceptional, since most lipsticks lasts only 3-5 hours on me (including MAC ones). I had breakfast after I put on the lipstick, and after breakfast it still looks like I just put it on (and I had a big breakfast at Cora!) I don’t know what makes it cling on my lips so much, but I am very impressed. I needed to remove it with make up remover at the end of the day, since it is not coming off with just water. It does have a slight “lipstick” scent and taste to it, but it is not so strong that it repels me, but if you are very sensitive to scents and tastes in lipsticks, you might not like this one. Continue reading

Drugstore Makeup Haul

Another haul post… this is what happens when I go to the mall two days in a row. Well I do have an explanation this time, London drugs (a drugstore that’s only in certain provinces in Canada) has a couple for $10 off any $25 purchase of makeup… how can I pass on that?  Continue reading