Wishful Wednesday… Kate Spade Elina Flats

Image via wishwall.me

I have been looking for a new pair of flats for a while, and this is no easy task for me. Most flats make my feet bleed (yeah… I’m way beyond just blisters). I am also very picky about how my flats look. I personally prefer heels, but my feet and ankles feel otherwise. I have had times where I wear heels for the whole week, and then my ankle (or some tendon in there) decide to get inflammed and hurt with every step I take. So I guess a new pair of flats is needed.

I currently own one pair of flats (and maybe 10 pairs of heels… oops), and it is a pair of leopard printed flats from Aldo that I picked up for around $11CAD (It was on clearance and then there’s an extra 30% off and I had a discount for 15%). It is a bit too big for me, which also explains why it did not give me blisters (or a bloodbath!). But I have been wearing it so much I feel like its nearing the end of its services, hence here I am, looking for another pair of flats.

This pair of Kate Spade flats showed itself to me first on Pinterest, I fell in love with it instantly! Cork has been pretty big on heels lately, but I have never seen them used like this on flats! The gold cap also really drew me in. I love the contrast between the naturalness of the cork, and the trendiness of the gold.

Now if only this doesn’t cost a whopping $225… I might actually cave and buy this if they are really comfortable, so I guess I will see how I feel after I try them on!

What do you think of these shoes? Have you ever tried flats from Kate Spade? If so, are they comfortable?

1 Boyfriend Blazer, 2 Ways with Bright Pumps

Hello there, I noticed I haven’t done a 2 ways post for a while! Since I just finished one round of insane school work, I think it’s about time for me to post another one! This time I was inspired by boyfriend blazers. They are such a staple in any wardrobe, simply because 1. they go with so many things, 2. you can dress it up and down. I guess 2 is kind of included in 1… Anyhow, I was thinking it’s almost spring (in my mind. But in reality we just got hit by more snow, I hope the weather is more gorgeous where you are!), I want to incorporate something colourful that will cheer people up! And being a shoe addict… bright coloured pumps naturally came to my mind. I hope you enjoy this 2 ways post!

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1 Simple Blouse, 2 Ways with Glitter

Yesterday I went shopping with pearlessence and well… let’s say shopping ban has been violated majorly. I have been wanting a simple blouse for a while and I found a couple on sale at Mexx and I just can’t leave the store without them! I was brainstorming what I can wear with it so I went on Polyvore and put together a couple outfits. Obviously it’s a different shirt from what I got but I think it will work out well with any simple blouse! Since the blouse is so simple, I thought it would be great to pair it up with some glitter (not glitter overload!). The outfit I put together on the left is more girly whereas the other is more chic. Let me know how you would wear a simple blouse like this one!

(Info of each item at end of post)

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