Julep Introductory Box – Classic With A Twist

I got my first Julep box for 1 cent a while back, and I received the box sometime in April! I have not been able to review it since I did not see it until recently, when I got home. So as promised, here’s a quite look at my first Julep Introductory Box!

After doing the style profile when I signed up, the “style” I got was Classic with a Twist, so I just got the box in that style. I did not know at the time that I can change to another style if I want! But it’s okay, I didn’t dislike the colour in this set anyways. Continue reading

Julep Maven Box for 1 Cent!

First of all, I would like to say a little disclaimer. I have not been sponsored or contacted by Julep to write this post. I am writing this because it’s a great deal that was shared by Two Lacquered Girls and I want to share with you all!

(image via julep.com)

So now let’s get to this deal. Julep Maven Box is a monthly subscription service (much like Birchbox, Luxebox etc), but it’s exclusively for nail polish. More specifically, Julep nail polishes and their products. It goes for $20.00/month (shipping included). But with their currently promotion, you can sign up for an account, do a style quiz, then add a box to your cart, and enter “COLOR2012” in the promo code area… and ta-da your total comes to 1 cent! Once you made an account, shipping is free!

I just purchased my Julep introductory box for 1 cent yesterday, so I can’t really review on how the products are, but stay tuned for a review once I receive it! I ended up getting the introductory Classic with a Twist box. I’m really excited since I really like the two colours it comes with!

One thing very different about Julep box (when compared to other monthly subscription service), is that you can choose what box you want before they ship it out! And if nothing that month excites you, you can skip that month (and save $20) just with a click of a button! They also have an option where you can easily send a box to a friend, if you think they would enjoy it. I’m not a huge fan of surprises, so I appreciate how I get to know what I will get before they ship it, and have the option to skip it if I know I won’t like it! But for those of you who likes the surprise element, apparently from time to time they include extra little things that’s not listed! For example, they packed chocolate eggs in the April box, or they include toe separators, nail files etc!

I am debating if I am going to stick to the subscription, but for nail polish junkies, it’s a pretty good deal. The site said in each box, it contains products valued at least $40, so that’s at least 50% off already! I will maybe keep it for a couple months, and see how I feel about the products, since they do have some pretty nice colours! I will be posting reviews once I get them!

If it sounds like something you want to try out, (and if you don’t mind), it would be great if you can use my referral link here! For every two people you refer, you actually get a free month! 🙂

Are you already a Julep Maven? If so, how do you like it? If not, are you interested in trying this?