NOTD: Zoya Farah + Glitters

Oops my apologies for the lack of posts lately! Exams are in full force right now… so I figured school is a little more important (just a tad bit though). So here’s a quick NOTD post. I used Zoya’s Farah (2 coats), and then on my ring finger I added glitters before the top coat dried… Lets see how long this glitter lasts…. with all the dishes I do and being just a clumpsy person in general… I would not be surprised if that’s gone by tomorrow haha! What are you wearing on your nails today? 🙂

On a random note: I used to absolutely dislike this song, but after hearing this cover, I love love LOVE it! It’s all I’m listening to now. Chad Sugg is soooooooooo hot omg. ❤

Let’s Get Collar-Crazy!

Bold collared blouses are all the rage right now. You see blouses with glittered collars, sequined collars, crochet collars, anything you can think of! They are such cute little addition to any simple plain blouse that will instantly take your outfit from ordinary to glamourous.

Here are some that I’ve round up that I absolutely adore!

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I crave… Glittery Chunky Polishes

So pearlessence and I were talking about nail polishes despite the fact that we had more urgent matters to attend to (ahem exams…) and it got me looking through my polish collection. One thing I really need to add to my collection is glittery polishes and those with chunky glitters! They are so pretty and I always get captivated by the way they look, yet I never end up buying any for some reason. I am determined to add some of these polishes to my collection since they are absolutely gorgeous!

Here are a few that I am craving for right now. What polishes are you loving now?

Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe {}

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