Cheap Japanese Lunch @ Hokkaido Katsu Sushi

Finally a non-haul post (to be followed by another haul post)! I met up with a secondary school friend and we went to Tsuen Wan to grab lunch. She led me to this Japanese restaurant in the Citywalk mall, and I am surprised at how cheap their food is!

It’s one of the Japanese restaurants that have the conveyer belt sushi (sorry I didn’t get a picture!), but they also have set lunches. I love their mugs for tea! They have pictures of various sushi on them, so cute!

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Life Lately… According to My iPhone

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I was at a conference, and then I was flying home (packing and unpacking suck). Here’s just a quick update of my life! I promise I will post more starting soon! You’d think summer holiday would be relaxing… but with work and stuff it’s not really that at all. I am really glad that I am finally home though. I have never been as homesick as last week (and I’m talking about 4 years of university here)!














1. AYCE sushi nom!
2. Probably the last CLT I will have from my university bar. 😦
3. How cute is this froyo cup?
4. Favourite drink: coffee + milk tea. Love this HK classic!
5. Saw this car in an underground garage… I really like it for some reason
6. Froyo again… this time Green Tea + Taro + Crispy Wafer froyo + all these toppings!
7. Raining day in downtown Toronto.
8. Best thing post-Easter? Mini Eggs go on sale!
9. Chocolate cupcake with Raspberry icing. So good!

Ginza Sushi and Thai Review – Vaughan Location

I have decided to do more reviews on restaurants that I have been to, seeing how I do eat out quite a lot lately. It’s a habit I have been trying to kick, but sometimes the appeal of trying out a new restaurant wins the battle.

Ginza Sushi is a chain restaurant (which I never knew until doing research on the restaurant for this blogpost), all located in GTA. I have only tried the one at the Vaughan location, so this review does not really apply to the other restaurants, since I assume they all have different chefs. (Also, I apologize for the lack of pictures, my little cousins kind of went at everything before I can stop them haha!) Continue reading

Full House Desserts

I love desserts. Especially Chinese desserts! Don’t get me wrong, I do love my creme brulee, cheesecake, mousse cake and such, but there is something about Chinese desserts that hits home more than these other ones. Maybe because I grew up eating them, or maybe it’s because it’s not crazy sweet like most western desserts. I was so glad for the existence of Full House Desserts here! Full House Dessert is a very famous chain dessert restaurant in Hong Kong, but I am not sure if this particular Full House Desserts in Richmond Hill is affiliated with the one in HK. Regardless, their desserts taste just like the ones in HK! I first went to this place a few years ago, but since I started university, I have not been here, until recently. And I am so glad I did (but my waistline isn’t quite happy about this LOL) Continue reading

Life Lately… According to My iPhone.









1. This is why I love Starbucks.
2. Sushi with a friend at Gozen, London, ON. Salmon sushi and spicy salmon roll.
3. Raspberry tart and Vanilla frozen yogurt with mango, marshmallow, mochi, and chocolate chips at Kiwi Kraze, London, ON.
4. Baked egg and Avocado made by boyfriend. Surprisingly delicious.
5.Lamb Burger at the Bungalow in London, ON.
6. Cheap, delicious breakfast at Campus Hi-Fi in London, ON

Thirsty Thursday… Nutella Hot Chocolate

Image via The Hungry Housewife

Despite the gorgeous weather yesterday, it is rainy, windy, and gloomy out today. I have a love-hate relationship with rain. I hate it most of the time, since well… who likes getting all splashed with dirty water from passing cars, or being fearful of stepping on all those wormies that come out (argh gross). On another note, when I don’t need to go out, it’s actually quite relaxing to be enjoying the warmth of being in my place, who cares what’s going on outside! And it gives me another reason to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate.

I have always been making hot chocolate from store brought hot chocolate mix, but I saw this on Pinterest today and it has totally changed that (probably forever). It’s a recipe of homemade nutella hot chocolate. MMMMM. Nutella and hot chocolate? Sounds like heaven to me. It also seems to be super easy to make! I will definitely be trying this once I get back home (I’m kind of in limbo in terms of living situation right now since I basically moved out of my old apartment: YAY for being done my undergrad degree! But I also have a conference to go to soon so I can’t go back home yet…) And it would be rude to make this now since my nutella will kill my boyfriend… guess this has to wait a couple weeks! I just wanted to share this with you all since it looks absolutely delicious! Lots of thanks to The Hungry Housewife for sharing this recipe!

For 1 Serving:
1 cup milk
2 1/2 Tbsp Nutella
1 Tbsp Cocoa
Pinch of Salt

Add all ingredients in a small sauce pan over medium heat, until well mixed and hot. Pour into your favourite mug and enjoy!

Do you have any delicious hot chocolate recipe? Do share! 🙂

Life Lately… According to My iPhone.

1. Delicious Mint Frozen Yogurt + Oreo + Marshmallows + Chocolate Chips + Mochi + Smarties with pearlessence
2. Balsamic Portobello and Tomato Panini @ Williams Cafe with boyfriend
3. Cute rabbit stretching in a pet store
4. Nachos… nomnomnom
5. Homemade Arugula, mushroom, and turkey bacon omelette
6. Absolutely gorgeous weather lately! Lovin’ it!

Guu Izakaya

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I went to Guu Izakaya in downtown Toronto for a little post-interview celebration. Although I won’t know the result until mid-May, it’s just an excuse for us to head to Guu!

For those of you who are not familiar with Izakaya, it is kind of like a Japanese pub but it also serves food that accompany the drinks. We have been to Guu once before and absolutely loved it.

The atmosphere is excellent, once you walk into the door, you are greeted by the entire staff. It is a little loud in there, but that’s part of the atmosphere here! And I totally just failed to take pictures of the inside of Guu (that’s so me), but there’s basically a bar, a couple few big long tables, and then some smaller tables. In the summer there’s also a patio, but in the winter, they covered it up and added heater since it’s obviously way too cold for patio when its -2C!

We went really early, basically right when it opened (4PM on Saturday). They are notorious for their wait, and by 5PM, there is already a line forming. Last time we went at 10PM (or was it 10:30PM), and there was a small line, but I’ve heard if you go during regular dinner hour, be prepared to wait for 2 hours. I also believe they do not take any reservation.

Now onto the food! Boyfriend did not order anything to drink this time since he needs to drive after, so I took advantage of that and ordered myself a cocktail.

Cherry Blossom: Peach Liqueur, Cassis Liqueur, Red Wine, 7-up
-this is delicious, actually tastes just like sangria-

Ama Ebi: Sweet Shrimp Sashimi from B.C. (daily special)
-I never thought I would enjoy shrimp sashimi for some reason, but this is absolutely delicious-
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Mini Drugstore and MAC Haul + Sushi!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I just finished my medical school interview and finally have some free time! So I decided to hit the malls with a friend today and got some stuff from MAC and drugstore. We also had some great sushi for lunch!

We went to this small sushi place called Mi Ne in Richmond Hill. It is a pretty tiny store but with amazing food at super reasonable price! Definitely my favourite sushi place in the 905 area. I started going there 6 years ago and it still has never disappoint!

Salmon Teriyaki; Assorted Nigiri; Spicy Salmon Roll

Oh boy their spicy salmon roll is probably one of the best I’ve had! Loved them!

Now onto the haul! 🙂
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Life Lately… According to My iPhone Pictures.

Reading week is going by How is it already Thursday? I went home during this break and spent lots of time with my family and did some shopping and had some great food. Time to slowly get back to school mode and face the upcoming exams, assignments, and interview! Which also means blog post might be less frequent, but I promise once everything’s done I will be back with more posts! 🙂














1. All You Can Eat Sushi. nomnomnom
2. Homemade dessert by mom ❤
3. Scary winter road up to Gimli
4. Gimli, the tiny town I will be spending most of my summer in
5. Yummy breakfast at a local restaurant in Gimli (and one of the few restaurant that exists in the town)
6. 2011 Valentino the bear from Godiva. I know it’s way past V-day, but hey its 50% off. I have been collecting the Christmas bears from Godiva… guess I am going to start with the valentines day one too.