Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Demure Review & Swatch

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks are described as “infused with mega-moisturizers to seal in color and softness. Find your lip color amongst a dazzling array of 82 fabulous, fashionable shades!” Demure is a warm-toned neutral with gold shimmer in it.

Demure is a great, wearable everyday shade. It adds subtle colour and sheen to the lips without drawing attention. It’s perfect for work, or when you want to play up your eyes, since this will complete your look without pulling the attention away. The shimmer in the lipstick is really subtle when applied on lips, making it barely noticeable, but just giving the lips a nice shine. The pigmentation is just okay, but it is easily be built up. It does pool slightly in lip lines, but it’s not obvious, since the colour is so neutral. It glides on the lips easily, and has no taste or scent. It lasted ~3 hours on my lips.

The packaging is the regular round, classic Revlon black and gold lipstick tube. I love how the top of the tube is transparent so you can actually see the lipstick! Much better than trying to guess the shade by looking at those usually-extremely-inaccurate stickers!

Bottomline: If you are looking for a drugstore lipstick that is work-safe, and don’t mind reapplying throughout the day, you might want to check Demure out! Continue reading

Revlon Haul

I was reading the flyers for the week… and bam I saw the sale for Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick and Lipgloss, each for $3.99! You can only imagine the excitement I was feeling! I was going to dash out the door and walk to the pharmacy (since this town is so darn small it takes only 20 minutes to reach the other side of the town, and the pharmacy was 5 minutes walk away!). Then I realized the sale doesn’t start until May 11! Good thing I didn’t embarras myself… But I made sure I went to the pharmacy this morning to get my hands on some of the lip products!  Continue reading