Nail Polish Haul

So I went a little over the board with my nail polish purchases when I was in the States. I didn’t have a huge collection of polish so this haul has pretty much increased my collection by 50%. I got a variety of polishes and am so excited to try them on! I got most of these when there’s a deal on so I feel less guilty about it, but I think this will be my last haul for a while since I am trying to save money!

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polishes
Left to right:
Good Girl Gone Bad
Bad Romance
Across the Universe

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Boxing Day + Haul + NOTD

Ahhhh, weather is so glorious in Orange County and my boyfriend’s cousins were kind enough to bring us to Southcoast Mall to join the boxing day mayhem. I am surprised at how few people there are in the mall compared to Canada, and there aren’t really that many lines (not the stores we went into anyways). I just wanted to get some things that I have in mind so I wasn’t really hunting for huge deals but Norstrom did have Deborah Lippmann and Butter London nail polishes for buy 2 get 1 free! Score!

I also went to MAC to check out their new collections and to pick up some stuff for myself and some friends. I wasn’t too impressed by their new collections but I did find some of their lipglass to be in gorgeous shades.

After shopping we went for lunch at this restaurant called Old Vine Cafe in Costa Mesa and we had some awesome Paninis!

Tuna Melt Panini with Housemade Chips

We then went to Kean’s Cafe in Tustin, its a pretty neat place and their coffees are really good!

So that was kind of the short version of my boxing day in Orange County, and here’s a list of what I got!

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I crave… Glittery Chunky Polishes

So pearlessence and I were talking about nail polishes despite the fact that we had more urgent matters to attend to (ahem exams…) and it got me looking through my polish collection. One thing I really need to add to my collection is glittery polishes and those with chunky glitters! They are so pretty and I always get captivated by the way they look, yet I never end up buying any for some reason. I am determined to add some of these polishes to my collection since they are absolutely gorgeous!

Here are a few that I am craving for right now. What polishes are you loving now?

Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe {}

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