What’s In My Bag + Review *Warning: Picture Heavy*

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Balenciaga City… But Which One?

It’s no secret I am obsessed with Balenciaga bags lately and have been thinking about getting a Balenciaga City bag. And then I wanted the Celine Boston Tote… then the Chanel Executive Tote… then the Chanel 2.55… and well… we all know these are all really expensive and let’s be honest here: I cannot afford more than one of these.

After much consideration and debate… I have finally made up my mind that I will splurge and get the Balenciaga City! I’ve wanted it for so long, and it’s of great quality. My shopping habit has shifted from buy cheap stuff that will last me a while just because of impulse buy, to buying items of higher quality (and most of the time, inevitably expensive) since they will last longer. Obviously that means I will be shopping less but I am okay with that! Less is more right?

But now comes the more difficult, and more important question… which one should I get? Regular hardware, giant 12, or giant 21? Gold/Rose Gold/Silver? Which colour? Too many options! I have narrowed it down to a few to choose from, and now I need your opinion!
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