NARS + Essie + The Bay Haul

I went to Holt Renfrew today in hope of locating the Prada bags I have been lusting for… but with no luck. Holt Renfrew just does not carry what I want! They did not have the Balenciaga City Bag that I wanted, or the Marc by Marc Jacob wallet that I wanted… and now this. But all is not lost! I wandered to the NARS counter, and ended up purchasing two NARS products from their summer collection. They did not have the products out for display yet, but they did have the products in stock. (Sephora did not have the summer collection in stock as of today). I got the Never Say Never Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, and the Liberte Blush. I totally did not plan on getting these today (was going to wait till I head to the states), but Holt Renfrew is having a promotion where you get a gift card that’s worth 15% of your cosmetic purchase, and 25% of your apparel and accessory purchase. Their site says it’s from April 28-29. I also got a Valentino perfume sample when I saw walking around! Yay for perfume samples! Continue reading

Wishful Saturday: Prada Totes

I find this a little funny that I am wanting a Prada purse right now. I was never a big fan of Prada, possibly because back when I was in Hong Kong, I have seen way too many fake ones out there, and I feel like if I had one… people would just think it’s fake anyways since it’s everywhere. Another thing is… I haven’t been a huge fan of any of the “famous” luxury brands, eg Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, etc. (I do occasionally enjoy some pieces they put out, I am just saying in general, I am not the biggest fan.) Probably because they are so over-exposed, and getting their bag just seems like I am screaming “look! I have money!”. (Just my personal opinion about how I would feel if I get those bags myself. I can totally understand and see how other people love those bags. Everyone has different tastes!)

I am just a university student who wants a nice bag. I worked when I’m in school, I pay for my rent, tuition, and even my flights to visit home. So I feel like I have the right to splurge on a bag if I really wanted it and can justify it. I want them because of their quality, and I treat them as an investment. If I spend a boatload of money on a bag that I absolutely love, and will last me forever, then I save a lot of money buying cheap, lower quality handbags over the years! Therefore I tend to gravitate toward brands that are just as great as some of the aforementioned brands, but more understated, eg. Balenciaga, Celine.

I was going to pick up the Balenciaga City bag, but the only store in Canada that carries Balenciaga (Holt Renfrew) did not import the colour I want this year! I really wanted Anthracite, but I was so so close to just getting a black one because I really loved the shape of the City. I didn’t end up doing that because if I am going to spend that much on a purse… I better love every.single.thing. about it.

So I was just browsing Neiman Marcus the other day because I was procrastinating (as usual), and this Prada Saffiano Lux Executive Tote just caught my eye. I love how simple, understated it is. Yet it’s so sophisticated and elegant. I love the shape of it, I like how its structured, and big enough to fit everything I need to have.

Prada Saffiano Lux Executive Tote

I also really liked the Chanel Executive Tote, and the Celine Boston Tote… so I found the Prada Saffiano Lux Structured Tote to be another bag that’s screaming “bring me home!”. It’s bigger than the Saffiano Lux Executive Tote, its more of a “square” shape. I’ve just been really into bags that shape lately.

Prada Saffiano Lux Structured Tote

There is one tiny problem with these two bags (for me), they don’t have a shoulder strap. I am mainly looking for a top handle bag, but it would be nice to have an option to wear them as a shoulder bag when I need to free up my hands to do more shopping. And when a bag costs this dang much, it better has everything I am looking for! So this is where the Cervo Zip Top Tote comes in.

The Cervo Zip Top Tote is similar size to the Saffiano Lux Structured Tote, but almost twice as deep (7″ vs 4″), which is a huge bonus. It is also slightly less “structured”, but it’s structured enough for me. I don’t really like slouchy bags, so I really appreciate it when purses are well structured. Most importantly, it comes with a shoulder strap! I will definitely have to check this out next time I head to Holt Renfrew!

Prada Cervo Zip Top Tote

Do you like any of these bags? Is there a purse that you would absolutely love to have right now? Let me know!

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Searching for… a New iPhone Case

Need to get my 4th iPhone case.

I got my first one when I got my phone, paid a good $30 on it and it broke after 2 weeks (I dropped it numerous times). It’s just a plain black case.

I got my second and third from ebay because I refuse to pay so much for the case again. I paid approximately $5 for a pair of cases (meant for couples). I used both since my boyfriend still has a old school dumbphone. I dropped them numerous times but both of them were still intact. I retired my 2nd one because I went to a concert and got them to sign on it, since it was the only thing thats sign-able apart from my skin (just kidding). I am planning on retiring my 3rd one since the paint on it is fading, poor panda is going to be nose-less soon. I had absolutely not expectation on their quality but boy was I surprised. I dropped them at least 5 times a week and they are still sturdy! (And you can see why I NEED a case for my phone, I have total respect for people who has an iPhone without case and somehow manage not to break/scratch it!)

So here I am. Looking for a new iPhone case. I stumbled across the site called Society6 when I was browsing pinterest.  It’s a site where artists submit their work and it can be made into iPhone cases, iPod/iPhone skins, laptop/iPad skins, art prints, stretched canvases, stationery cards, hoodies, and t-shirts. There are so so so many designs on there and I can spend literally hours just browsing through all of them! There are cute animal ones, hilarious ones, super artsy ones, ones with quotes, etc etc. Here are 9 iPhone cases that I really like but I need opinion on which one is better! All their iPhone cases at $35USD, and shipping to US is $5, to Canada is $10. I believe the shipping is flat rate since when I change the number of items in the cart the shipping remains unchanged.

1. Up by Derek Temple
2. Centered by Jenean Morrison
3. Bold by Charlene McCoy
4. Serenity by Joy StClaire
5. Confetti Daydream by Shawn Terry King
6. Winter Stripe No. 1 by Alice Rebecca Potter
7. Day of the dead by Farnell
8. Heart by Natalie French
9. Spring Pattern by Natalie French

Which one is your favourite? Or did you find other ones you like more on the site? Let me know! 🙂

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Wishlist Vol. 3

I was planning on posting this on leap year day… but decided that school is slightly more important… Guess I will have to wait 4 more years for another chance to post on Feb 29.

Anyhow, it’s wishlist time again! I haven’t been window/online browsing a lot last month so there aren’t thattttttt many things I want. I was very focused on deciding which Balenciaga City to get, and nope. Still no decision.

I have been mostly obsessed with shoes lately, particularly sandals. Spring is almost here! Both neutral and bright sandals are going strong this spring. Especially colour blocks!

From top left, clockwise:
Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara
NARS Night Breed Nail Polish
Christian Louboutin Summerissima Crisscross Platform Sandal
Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque
Stella & Dot Artemis Cuff (How badass is this?!)
Ruthie Davis Horizon – Poppy Multi 

What are you wishing for this month?

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Balenciaga City… But Which One?

It’s no secret I am obsessed with Balenciaga bags lately and have been thinking about getting a Balenciaga City bag. And then I wanted the Celine Boston Tote… then the Chanel Executive Tote… then the Chanel 2.55… and well… we all know these are all really expensive and let’s be honest here: I cannot afford more than one of these.

After much consideration and debate… I have finally made up my mind that I will splurge and get the Balenciaga City! I’ve wanted it for so long, and it’s of great quality. My shopping habit has shifted from buy cheap stuff that will last me a while just because of impulse buy, to buying items of higher quality (and most of the time, inevitably expensive) since they will last longer. Obviously that means I will be shopping less but I am okay with that! Less is more right?

But now comes the more difficult, and more important question… which one should I get? Regular hardware, giant 12, or giant 21? Gold/Rose Gold/Silver? Which colour? Too many options! I have narrowed it down to a few to choose from, and now I need your opinion!
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1 Boyfriend Blazer, 2 Ways with Bright Pumps

Hello there, I noticed I haven’t done a 2 ways post for a while! Since I just finished one round of insane school work, I think it’s about time for me to post another one! This time I was inspired by boyfriend blazers. They are such a staple in any wardrobe, simply because 1. they go with so many things, 2. you can dress it up and down. I guess 2 is kind of included in 1… Anyhow, I was thinking it’s almost spring (in my mind. But in reality we just got hit by more snow, I hope the weather is more gorgeous where you are!), I want to incorporate something colourful that will cheer people up! And being a shoe addict… bright coloured pumps naturally came to my mind. I hope you enjoy this 2 ways post!

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Searching for the… Perfect Long Wallet

So I have this obsession with long wallets. I like my bills straight and it’s simple as that. It started when the Hong Kong government start issuing plastic bills… and I have been using long wallet since then. Who wants a plastic bill with a fold in the middle? I have been using the same wallet from Guess since grade 11 and it is looking rather beat up (white objects and I are not friends… no matter how hard I try they never stay white…).

I have been looking for a replacement for a while and I had my eyes on this Louis Vuitton one for around a year but then as a broke university student I can’t justify spending that much on a wallet (maybe one day, but not right now). I was just browsing around and found some that interest me but can’t really decide which one to get… so I am here, asking for your opinion! I am basically looking for a black leather long wallet… Let me know which one you think I should get!

Marc Jacobs Classic Q Long Trifold Wallet

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