The Versatile Blogger Award

First of all I would like to thank pearlessence for nominating this blog for the versatile blogger award! I feel so honoured!

Secondly… My huge apologies for the super delayed post! It’s been a hectic few days and I see no end of this… exams, tests, assignments, interview…

Anyways, onto the Versatile Blogger Award!

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Balenciaga City… But Which One?

It’s no secret I am obsessed with Balenciaga bags lately and have been thinking about getting a Balenciaga City bag. And then I wanted the Celine Boston Tote… then the Chanel Executive Tote… then the Chanel 2.55… and well… we all know these are all really expensive and let’s be honest here: I cannot afford more than one of these.

After much consideration and debate… I have finally made up my mind that I will splurge and get the Balenciaga City! I’ve wanted it for so long, and it’s of great quality. My shopping habit has shifted from buy cheap stuff that will last me a while just because of impulse buy, to buying items of higher quality (and most of the time, inevitably expensive) since they will last longer. Obviously that means I will be shopping less but I am okay with that! Less is more right?

But now comes the more difficult, and more important question… which one should I get? Regular hardware, giant 12, or giant 21? Gold/Rose Gold/Silver? Which colour? Too many options! I have narrowed it down to a few to choose from, and now I need your opinion!
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Life Lately… According to My iPhone Pictures.

Reading week is going by How is it already Thursday? I went home during this break and spent lots of time with my family and did some shopping and had some great food. Time to slowly get back to school mode and face the upcoming exams, assignments, and interview! Which also means blog post might be less frequent, but I promise once everything’s done I will be back with more posts! 🙂














1. All You Can Eat Sushi. nomnomnom
2. Homemade dessert by mom ❤
3. Scary winter road up to Gimli
4. Gimli, the tiny town I will be spending most of my summer in
5. Yummy breakfast at a local restaurant in Gimli (and one of the few restaurant that exists in the town)
6. 2011 Valentino the bear from Godiva. I know it’s way past V-day, but hey its 50% off. I have been collecting the Christmas bears from Godiva… guess I am going to start with the valentines day one too.

Life Lately… According to My iPhone Pictures.

1. Old roommates bought me this maple leaf cookie to celebrate me becoming a Canuck!
2,3. Girls’ Night Out with some great friends.
4. Deluxe Dark Hot Chocolate at William’s… perfect for a long cold night.
5. Starbucks’ Valentine’s Day cup… so gorgeous. Best studying companion.
6. Winter finally decides to hit London… not impressed.

Also, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you had a great day! 🙂

Saturday Love

So… I just realized that my posts are kind of sporadic and don’t really have a routine so here’s my first attempt of having a more regularly posting schedule!

Here’s a list of things I have currently love this week! I think this is a pretty good way to wrap up the week!

I currently love…

1. MAC Pearlglide Liner in Black Swan

I got these couple days ago when I found out the MAC Vera Collection’s release date got moved up. I actually got both Black Swan and Undercurrent. Black Swan may look ordinary when you see it but it looks absolutely stunning when you swatch it. It’s a black with blue tone and silver glitter. I have never seen any other colour like this.

This is the first time I tried any pencil liners from MAC and I am pleasantly surprised by the formula. It is extremely soft with excellent colour payoff. I tried it for the first time yesterday and there’s absolutely no tugging when I put it on and it stayed on for 14 hours with no smudging until I took it off. It’s opaque in one stroke, don’t even need to go over it for the second time! I thought I would have a really tough time taking it off since its staying power is so good, but turns out my cleanser can easily do the job!

I used to be in love with Urban Decay’s  24/7 Glide On Pencils (I still am), but I think I might have found a new love in terms of eyeliner!

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Busy and Gym-less Days…

Well I will admit that the gym and I have not been in each other’s presence for quite a while… and I cannot foresee the day we will reunite, at least not for another month.

Final year of university has been ridiculously hectic, especially with all the medical school applications and research thesis etc… and things just get turned up a notch when I am so anxiously waiting to hear back from schools that I cannot focus on your current school work, and then I realize I am super behind in everything with midterms and assignments coming up… and here I am… blogging. At least this helps me relieve some of my stress!

For years I have been trying to get my lazy bum to the gym regularly and although it’s been slightly better these couple years… it’s still extremely lacking. I would be proud if I end up going to the gym once a week, but lately with all these school work I have not been able to keep up with that. To make myself feel less guilty and to keep the fat from building up, I have been following this workout video I discovered a while ago, and it actually gives me such a workout in a mere 10 minutes. (Yes I am extremely out of shape but I figured school is slightly more important at the moment so this will suffice…) I just wanted to share it with you so when you are busy and feel guilty about skipping the gym, you can do this little 10 minute workout at home that will get your heart rate up and give you sore legs the next morning!

SAG Awards: Best Dressed

Another red carpet, another chance ogle at all the stars in their glamorous outfits. There are a few that looked absolutely gorgeous on the red carpet tonight. I especially love Lea Michele’s Versace dress. It hugs her curves so well and she looks absolutely stunning in it. Who do you think is the best dressed star of the night?

image {via}
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I Crave… Balenciaga Gris Poivre City

Oh.em.gee. I am so in love with this Balenciaga bag. I don’t even know where to begin, I just NEED it, in this colour. I have always wanted a luxury bag without the brand’s logo plastered all over it (certain brands are okay… but some other ones are just too much.) Need to start saving up for this! Maybe this will be my graduation gift to myself!

Golden Globes: Best Dressed

Well it’s that time of the year again. Awards season. It seems obligatory to do a best/worst dressed post. I actually did not think there were very many best dressed contestants, but one did stand out: Charlize Theron.

image {via}

Charlize looks absolutely stunning in this Christian Dior dress. It’s so feminine and romantic. I also love how she keeps the look flowing with nude heels, while at the same time adding sparkles to it with her headband and clutch. Definitely the best dressed out of the bunch in my opinion!

There are a few other ladies who were dressed stunningly in my opinion and here they are!

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Twenty Eleven

Can’t believe it’s the last day of 2011 already! This year has passed by so much faster than the last (yes I say that every year but it is still true). It has been a busy year albeit a good one. I am so blessed with a family that love me no matter what, friends that I can talk to, rant to, and laugh with (ahem pearlessence), and finally found the motivation to start and maintain this blog. Not to mention I am spending New Years Eve in Los Angeles with my boyfriend. 🙂

I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and fabulous 2012!

I Crave… Lacey Shoes + Wish

Exam stress is getting to me, and my way of dealing with it is… to look at pretty things that I can’t afford! (Yes I know that makes no sense but hey that’s what works for me!) I was browsing on Nordstrom to look for ideas to submit a product to a site called “Wish” (more on this later in the post) and I realize every pair of shoes I click on are… lacey! (and pricey!) They are just so feminine and classy, I can’t help but fall in love with them (and hopefully own a pair soon, trying to save up for a pair of Louboutin!)

I have previously blogged about studded shoes and how there are cheaper (<$200) options, but personally I think it’s a different story for lace pumps. I have yet to come across any cheaper alternative of lace pumps that still look classy, but I will keep my eyes open for them for sure!

Valentino ‘Claire’ Open Toe Pump {link}
-how classy is that?!-
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Splurge or Save?

Yes, shoes again! I have had my eyes on studded heels for a while and I fell in love with a pair of Miu Miu ones, but I was definitely not in love with the price tag that comes with it! So I did some more browsing and I found a couple cheaper alternatives that will put a much smaller dent in your bank account.

1. Promise Shoes – Clay {}
2. Vince Camuto – Missie Pump {}
3. Miu Miu – Black Leather Studded Peep Toe Platform Pumps {}