Sephora VIB 20% off Wishlist


Okay, it’s that time of the year and I felt like my inner beauty-obsessed self  need to re-emerge from where I buried it. I have really capped my spending on beauty and skin care products for the last little while, but I still spent hours on Sephora just to browse all the wonderful products out there. So naturally you can imagine when it’s time for 20% off, there are a bunch of stuff that I would like to get. Obviously I won’t get everything I want as they will break my bank, but one can wish right? So here are my picks…

1. Marc Jacobs Sky Liner Seven Piece Petite Highliner collection – I have previously declared my love for the Highliner, and they are hella expensive on their own. I feel like with the 20% discount, it makes the price of this set much more palatable. Plus, it’s a great way to try out different colour eyeliners!

2. NARS Audacious lipsticks – I am aware I don’t need another lipstick, but I have heard only positive things about this line of lipsticks, and the packaging is just… perfect. The shade range is pretty big too. I have a hard time deciding which one is my fav but I am very inclined to check out Natalie, Kelly, and Vivien.

3. Glam Glow Gift Sexy – I love Glam Glow. I have tried both the white and black one and enjoyed them equally. I still haven’t had the chance to try ThirstyMud because I just can’t justify spending $76 on one tub of mask. This set comes with a small jar of YouthMud and Supermud, and with the 20% off I think I might just bite the bullet on this one.

4. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette – After lipsticks, I think my 2nd favourite beauty product category is blushes. I am ashamed to admit to how many blushes I have, but come on. Just look at this. It just looks… divine. Argh I want to take you home so bad.

5. Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix – Bite Beauty brought out another similar set previously, but with different shades. My lovely friend and fellow blogger Pearlessence got me that as a gift and I friggin’ loved it. It feels so comfortable on the lips and it has such great pigmentation. This set is so perfect for the colder months. Consider it done.

6. Chloe Rollerball Trio – One Chloe rollerball would cost you $30CAD normally. This is currently on sale for $36 and there are 3 of them! With the 20% off… its cheaper than getting one rollerball on its own. Just think about it. The Chloe perfume is such a beautiful scent too. Timeless.

7. Sephora Favourites Beauty Unmasked – I can’t round this up without some sort of Sephora set. I love masks and this quartet is right up my alley. I have the Origin Clear Improvement mask and love it. The other 3 have been on my to-try list forever. Into the shopping cart it goes.

I think I should end it there because otherwise it will go on forever. What are your picks?? I would love to hear some recommendation from you girls since I haven’t been beauty shopping for a long time and I am ready to go all-out!

3 thoughts on “Sephora VIB 20% off Wishlist

  1. I was so tempted to get the hourglass palette but resisted last minute. I LOVE the naked basics palette that I got. I also got a bite beauty lip set, but I will be returning it as the products are meh :/ What did you buy?

    • Really?? That’s a bummer. I loved the bite beauty lip set I have! I exercised a lot of self restraint and I only got a couple skincare sets and a foundation… now I’m regretting about getting so little… I wish I was able to go to the shop and do it in person but I’m in a town where there’s no Sephora… tragic. lol. Hopefully I will like all the stuff I got!

      What else did you get?

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