Montagne Jeunesse Red Earth Clay Spa Masque Review

IMG_2841 IMG_2842 CYMERA_20140129_175110I love sheet masks. And I love clay/mud masks. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across a hybrid product – Montagne Jeunesse Red Earth Clay Spa Masque*.

I have never tried anything from Montagne Jeunesse. It’s a UK brand that is cruelty-free and PETA approved. The sheet masque comes in individual packaging, like most sheet masques in the market. It is a piece of thin cloth that’s been soaked/infused with a muddy-orangey clay, and remains moist for the whole 15 minutes it was on my face. Surprisingly it smells like the Satsuma line from The Body Shop, which is probably due to the orange oil in the ingredient.

This masque contains pomegranate, which claims to protect skin from free radicals; cinnamon which is an anti-bacterial, and mediterranean clay which penetrates keep into the skin to draw out all the gross gunk in there.

Overall I do like the mask, the only problem I have with it is the fit of the masque. Most sheet masques I’ve used have some “cuts” on them which makes it easier to adjust to your face shape. However, this one doesn’t have any of that so I had to do some folding and overlapping and stuff like that as you can see in the glorious picture up there. (Oh god this is the last time my face is making an appearance on my blog I swear.)

One thing I love is that it’s so much easier to wash off compared to all the other mud/clay masks I have tried (or am I the only one who spends 8 minutes washing my Origins masque off?) I also find my skin to be brighter, smoother and feels clean without that squeaky clean feeling. At $2.49 a sheet, it’s a great intro product if you want to try out clay/mud mask without shelling out lots of money for a big tube/pot of product. I’m not sure what are the long-term effects since I’ve only tried this mask once, but it did not break me out, so that’s a very good start. And you can pick this up at your local Walmart, London Drugs, and select Pharmsave, Uniprix and Jean Coutu, which makes it very accessible.

Do you think this is a genius idea to combine sheet mask and clay masque, or would you prefer your classic clay/mud masque in a pot/tube?

*This product was sent by PR for review. All opinions are honest and my own.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 9.16.53 PM

2 thoughts on “Montagne Jeunesse Red Earth Clay Spa Masque Review

  1. Haha I actually don’t really like sheet masks much, even though I have a ton of them! They’re always a little off-shaped so I end up getting essence in my hair and eyes. With a regular mask, I can apply it exactly where I want, and perhaps use two different masks at the same time for deep-cleaning and moisture!

    • Yah I wonder whose face companies use to model for shapes of masks? They never really fit me either lol. Ohh I’ve actually never tried to use 2 different masks at the same time to address different issues! Genius idea, must try sometime!

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