New Year Beauty Resolutions

2014 resolutions

Yes yes… it’s another one of those new year resolutions post. To be honest I am a huge lazy slacker and I stick to resolutions… for a month week max? So I figure if I put it up in my blog I will be more inclined to stick to it since it’s written somewhere, and I can look back at the end of the year and see how much I’ve achieved.

1. Create a skincare routine and stick to it. I think I am a little slutty when it comes to my skincare. I have so darn many skincare products (don’t ask me how many jars of moisturizer I have!) I just can’t seem to stick to it. Hopefully this year I can figure out a skincare routine that works for my skin and use it religiously.

2. Put on mask more often. I am a mask hoarder but I don’t do it often enough because I am blind without my glasses. Gotta kick that excuse to bay and put on a mask at least twice a week and play candy crush with my phone 5cm from my face – whoops did I say that out loud?

3. Drink more water and eat/drink less sugar. Everyone and their mother and cat probably have this on their list. But seriously, water is so good for you in general (and your skin too), and it’s practically free so why not? I have been pretty good last year when it comes to cutting down on pop, but I’m going to try even harder this year and try to limit it to a handful of times for the year (hell I will aim to eliminate it from my life but it’s good to be realistic right?). When exam time comes I also turn into a gummy bear/ gummy worm/ sour patches/ marshmallow junkie. I pop those in my mouth like I’m a friggin’ addict. Gotta find something more healthy to snack on when I’m stressed out of my brain!

4. Put on body lotion after shower! I was pretty good with this for like… a week last year and then winter hit and it all went to hell. I shamefully admit that I only put on body lotion if I see my legs are resembling those of a lizard or the likes (sorry for the mental image!). Yeah not the best look I figure, so I’m aiming to keep my skin moisturized as much as I can!

5. Get a haircut more often! My boyfriend will jump in joy if he sees this. My haircutter is located approximately 5 hour drive from where I live and I need to book a couple weeks in advance with her… so you can see why it doesn’t happen very often (think along the line of twice a year?). Boyfriend complains about it regularly daily so I’m going to try for a haircut every… 3 months or so? We will see about that one…

6. SPF SPF SPF! I was good with this for the longest time until I started using a Etude House Magic BB cream that has SPF. It has SPF 27 so I figure I don’t need to wear my  SPF 50 under it… should probably rethink that and use SPF under that since I don’t wear make up everyday and because I’ve gotten used to not wearing a stand-alone SPF I realized I don’t even use it when I don’t have make up! BAD GIRL.

7. Use up more products! Make up and skincare products hoarding has been getting out of hand… so here I declare a 3 month long beauty shopping ban (unless I finish something and need to replenish), and a one-in-one-out policy. Expect a “Shop My Stash” post in the near future.

The list goes on but I figure those are good places to start. Do you have any new year resolutions? Do share in the comments below! 🙂

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