What’s In My Bag + Review *Warning: Picture Heavy*

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I got a new bag when I was on a trip to NYC a little while ago, and I am super in love with it so here’s a quick “what’s in my bag” post, but I will start with a quick review of the bag!

It’s a Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Moto in Black Saffiano Leather. The original price was $365 but it was in the 40% off bin… and then there was an extra 15% off at Bloomingdale’s, so it came to around $250, which still makes it the most expensive bag I have, but a much easier to swallow price point than $400-ish after tax.

I have been a huge fan of saffiano leather ever since I laid eyes on a Prada bag a few years ago, which is totally out of my price range, so I am glad that many brands are bringing out bags in saffiano leather lately. The measurement of the bag (according to the website) is 12″W x 9″H x 3″D, and it comes with a 20″ adjustable shoulder strap, which makes both wearing it crossbody or on one shoulder equally comfortable. It is not a small bag, but I find it to be the perfect size for me because it fits everything I want to bring with me when I go out (including a water bottle as you will see in a sec).

One thing that drew me to Rebecca Minkoff bags is the fact that it doesn’t scream the brand, but it has that signature clasp where people who knows bags will know what it is. There’s also a little metal plate with “REBECCAMINKOFF” engraved on it on the back of the bag. The clasp also makes it very secure, nothing will ever fall out of the bag with the clasp on! It is not the easiest thing to close (at least for me), but because it also has a magnetic closure between the front slip pocket and the front flap, I don’t always need to close the clasp.

The way the compartments of the bag is laid out is also great. (Oh and can we take a second and look at that beautiful blue/black leopard print lining?!) There’s a front slip pocket which is perfect for putting any paper or thin objects for easy access. Today I have my card holder and a card from Victoria Secret (I was shopping there and had a fitting… hence the card). But usually I put tickets or receipts or things of that sort there. The main body of the bag is divided into two equal compartments. The front on has 2 small pockets for cell phone or small objects, I use one for cell phone and the other… whatever I feel like on the day (perfect for lipsticks shall I say). The back compartment features a zipper pocket and another small pocket. As you can see, there are many pockets in this bag, which means I don’t need to bring any pouches with me to separate things!

Overall I am IN LOVE with this bag. It will definitely be my go-to bag when I go out, since it’s black and goes with anything!


Now onto the “what’s in my bag” part of this post, it’s not very exciting but I think it’s a good way to show just how much stuff can be fit into the bag! These are what I have in my purse the day I took the pictures:

Kate Spade Mikas Pond Lacey wallet in a robin egg shade (saffiano leather again!)

North Face gloves so I can use my phone without freezing my fingers off, similar here

Victoria Secret fitting card

Coach card holder that I go everywhere with, since it holds some of my most important cards and a little bit of cash

Samsung Galaxy S4 in White (again, can’t leave the house without this!)

A bottle of water, I refuse to buy water at the mall ever since I got this bag!

Skin Food Tomato Hand Lotion, which was reviewed here

MAC lipstick in Party Line, review coming soon!

Maybelline Medicated Baby Lips in Soothing Sorbet review coming soon!

What bag are you using at the moment, and what are your must haves when you leave the house? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

2 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag + Review *Warning: Picture Heavy*

    • Yeee I love the envelope design! That’s one of the main reasons why I bought it! Yah I got the big version because it’s a lot more practical. And it fits a 591ml water bottle!

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