Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsticks

IMG_2626IMG_2623I got my first Maybelline Color Whisper when I was on the other side of the border, and loved it so much I ended up acquiring 3 more since then. A couple of them have made an appearance in my lipstick challenges, but since I got a couple new ones recently at Rexall, I figured why not do a swatch/review post for all 4 of them!

Let’s talk colours first. These are not the most pigmented lipstick out there, which makes them ideal for everyday and on-the-go use. You don’t need to be super careful when you apply, which is a definite pro for those of you girls who are always on the go. They leave a lovely sheer wash of colour on the lips, which is still definitely visible, but still can be built up to a stronger colour. I love sheer lipsticks that can be built up because it’s like 2-in-1! (From top to bottom, left to right) Pin Up Peach is a gorgeous coral pink, there’s some super fine shimmer in the lipstick but totally not noticeable on the lips. Rose of Attraction is very similar to Pin Up Peach, but slightly less coral, more pink. Made-it Mauve is a deeper, brown hue that has a tinge of mauve in it, which makes it a lot more wearable. A Plum Prospect is a true cool purple in the tube, but looks a lot more pink when swatched. Not something I would normally go for, but a post by Jenn at A Beautiful Zen made me want to try it, so here it is. Because of its sheerness it’s also very wearable!

Formula-wise, these are all phenomenal in terms of being moisturizing and glides on easily. But because of that wear-time is around 2 hours for me. I don’t mind that at all since I can easily reapply them without having to go to the washroom or dig out a mirror (that I usually don’t have) from my purse.

I think a lot of people compare these with the Revlon Lip Butters. Color Whisper lipsticks are a lot more light weight than the Lip Butters in my opinion. With some of the Lip Butter shades I still need to apply carefully because of the pigmentation. So it depends what you are looking for in a moisturizing lipstick, because both have their pros and cons! I will do a Lip Butters post in the near future I think.

Overall I am in love with the Maybelline Color Whisper line and will probably be adding more shades to my collections! Have you tried any of the Color Whispers? Which one is your favourite?

10 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsticks

    • Ohh *note taken* will totally check it out when there’s a sale at Rexall/Walmart/SDM next time! Thanks for the recommendation! One can never have too many color whispers right? 😉

  1. i would be interested in trying these since i’m a big fan of sheer lipsticks. i assume these are a lot similar to the L’Oreal Le Balm which i love and have used up a couple of them. 🙂

    • Hello Lena! Yes I definitely would recommend these if you love sheer lipsticks! I have only tried one L’Oreal Le Balm (Caramel Comfort) but I think they are pretty comparable, although I would say Color Whispers are a little more pigmented, but definitely still sheer.

      I hope you give these a try! And if you do, I’d love to hear what you think about them! 🙂

    • The lip butters are definitely very moisturizing! It’s great on those days which you just don’t want to be bothered putting on lip balm, and then a lip colour. My lips aren’t usually very dry so both Color Whisper and Lip butters work well for me! Which lip butter is your favourite?

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