Bed Time Pampering


I love sleep, and bed time is probably my favourite time of the day. So much that I usually just plop into bed after I brushed my teeth and what not. But recently I’ve decided I would incorporate a bed time pampering routine, since I’ve heard having a routine before bed makes it easier to fall asleep! And who doesn’t like pampering?

Soap and Glory Heel Genius
This thing works magic on my gross, disgusting heels. I hate feet, even my own. There’s just something about them that gross me out. But just by putting this on at night, my heels feel much smoother the next morning. I haven’t been using it for a long time but I already see the result, so I’m excited for smooth heels that’s coming my way!

EOS Lip Balm
One thing I hate about winter is how dry the air gets. My lips just get so dry and cracked and flaky and what not, so lip balm is a must. Right now I’m trying to use up this EOS lip balm. I swear it’s self-regenerating or something, since it’s been forever since I’ve been using it on a daily basis, and it’s still no where near the end. I will be doing a little celebratory dance when I am finally done with this one…. 10 years from now. But it does great work on my lips, keeping them hydrated overnight. It also makes a great lip balm to use under lipstick during the day, since it’s not too greasy!

Skinfood Tomato Hand Lotion
Tomato isn’t an ingredient I see often in beauty products, but I tried the tester and fell in love with the scent! For the record it smells nothing like tomato, but more like a floral scent. It is super fast-absorbing and smells great! There’s nothing worse than super greasy hand cream that just won’t sink into the skin! Although it’s lightweight, it is very moisturizing! It was also super cheap, I got it when I was in Korea a while ago, it was only a few CAD from what I can remember.

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
And last but not least, can’t forget those cuticles. I have heinous cuticles, so I decided to finally work on it (took me long enough) and dug up this cuticle cream I had from a long time ago. It is a solid wax that melts a little when you warm it up with your fingers, and them you rub it onto the cuticles. It has lemon oil which makes it smell delicious and very nourishing. This, unlike the hand lotion, do not get absorbed fast, so I only do it once in a while, since I can’t bring myself to fall asleep with greasy nails every night.

Do you have a bed time pampering routine? Tell me about it in the comments below! 🙂

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