Nails Inc Porchester Square: Gel effect or not?

PS comparePSPorchester Square Swatch
I have heard so so much about Nails Inc Porchester Square, about how great of a nude shade it is, so I finally took advantage of the Sephora 20% FF sale and bought the Gel Effect Polish in Porchester Square. After I tried it on, I decided I need to try it in the regular formula. Keep reading for the deeds…

Swatched above: Ring and index fingers – Gel effect; little and middle fingers – original formula (2 coats each, no top coat)

Gel Effect: This was $17CAD for 8ml of products, so more expensive for less product when compared with the original formula. It is advertised to have a plumping effect, high shine, high gloss, no streaking, just like gel polish, and has a extra wide brush for easy application. When I first applied these, they looked great, super glossy, easy to apply, I used two coats and life was good. Then a few minutes later BAM – my nails turned into bubble fest. I don’t even remember the last time that happened to me, let alone such a pricey polish. I didn’t wear it with a top coat and it lasted me a couple days before I can’t stand how hideous it looked on my nails, it was bubbly and I guess I didn’t let it dry enough or something… because there were lots of “markings” on it… but I let it dried for over 4 hours before I went to bed. Oh right the colour, it’s a muted mushroom grey colour, I like the colour, but the formula is horrid so I decided to try the original formula and see if it is any better.

Original: $11.50CAD for 10ml. The application itself was quite similar to the gel effect, opaque after 2 coats with no streakiness. To my eyes it was just as glossy as the gel effect, and it’s no less “plump” at all. The colour itself is really similar, but I think the original formula is slightly, slightly more warm in the bottle (difference not noticeable on nails). I was quite pleased.. until a few minutes later BUBBLES again! (refer to picture above) I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing wrong, but I’ve applied nail polish for way too many times and it RARELY happened to me, if at all. And the brush itself is maybe 3 bristles less wide than the gel effect, didn’t really make a difference to me.

Bottom line, it’s a lovely colour, but unfortunately horrible formula for both. I know a lot of people love this product so if you have never had problems with Nails Inc formula and looking for a nude polish, I would recommend you to try this, but I am trying to find some dupes for this colour because I just can’t deal. *insert disappointed sad face*

6 thoughts on “Nails Inc Porchester Square: Gel effect or not?

  1. The colour is nice! I’m sure you’ll find other similar colours that doesn’t have that effect :O I saw shoppers selling nails inc now…good to redeem when i have enough points ;D

    • Yeah the colour is the perfect demure everyday nail colour! I think Essie has a few that’s similar… not dead on dupes though sadly. The shoppers around here has been selling Nails Inc for the past little while at the same price as Sephora! I am terrible with bringing my Optimum card with me so I have like.. nothing in terms of points, I’m so bad lol!

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