Revlon Parfumerie Polish in Italian Leather



Oh Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polishes, I have longed for your arrival for so long. Why does the US get all these awesome drugstore products launches and Canada gets like… only half of them… and half a year later?!

I digress.

The Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polishes, as the name suggests, are scented nail polishes. I picked up Italian Leather when I spotted these at Rexall. I picked the polish purely based on the shade – after all that’s the main point of nail polish no?

Italian Leather is a stunning dark olive green, with the finest golden shimmer in it. The formulation is superb, one coat is almost opaque, but I used two in the picture above. There’s no streakiness, the polish is not too thick or too thin, which makes it super easy to apply. It also dries super glossy too, so I didn’t use a top coat. The polish is still going strong on day 3 without a top coat – no chips, still shiny. Now onto the scent part…

I’m not sure how Italian Leather specifically smell like, but the scent to me smell like.. vanilla-scented-leather? The scent started to come through as the polish is drying (before that it smells like your regular polishes), and it was actually pretty strong in my opinion. I could smell it even when I’m just typing on my computer, but on 2nd day the scent fades away so I need to put my nails a couple inches from my face to smell it, and on day 3, there’s only a trace of the scent when I hold my nails really close to my nose.

And I almost forgot about the bottle. Look at that beaut! Doesn’t it look like those little fancy pretty french perfume bottle? L.U.R.V.

Overall I am very impressed with polish, and will definitely go back and pick up more shades! Have you tried any polishes from this line? And do you have any recommendation for what I should pick up next?

13 thoughts on “Revlon Parfumerie Polish in Italian Leather

  1. I just bought two of these revlon polishes; in autumn spice and wintermint…I was planning to do a post on it soon but I keep procrastinating haha! and I 100% agree with you, the formula and everything is LOVE! I admit, I was 70% suckered into the bottle, 30% interest in the polish itself.

    And I love the dark green-ness of Italian Leather! I may go pick that one up 😀

    • Omg I was debating between italian leather, autumn spice, and wintermint!!!! I’ll wait for your swatches and review before I head out to get myself those too! :p

      You should totally go pick up Italian Leather. It’s absolutely stunning! Just out of curiosity, where did you get these polishes? I only see them in Rexall, just wondering what other drugstores are carrying them!

  2. I’ll put up a swatch post soon! Autumn spice smells sooo good, reminds me of a chai latte. I got my polishes at London Drugs! $6.99. I couldn’t find them anywhere else, but I haven’t gone to rexall here yet.

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