My Little Tea Heaven Corner


If make up is my lover #1, tea is definitely a close second. I don’t remember the last day I didn’t have a mug of hot tea. I am a self-proclaimed (and the bf agrees) tea-hoarder. However, as my tea collection grew, I was having trouble keeping track because I just piled them all into a drawer. Until I went to Costco one day and bought myself a box of 148 earl grey (not excessive at all), and when I got home I realized it would be the perfect ghetto homemade tea chest.

As you can see in the picture above, the box is subdivided into 8 compartments, makes it perfect for different kinds of tea. All I did was cut off the lid and ta-da I got myself a tea chest. It’s super helpful for me since now I can see all my tea-bags in a glance, which is good for those groggy morning.

However, this tea storage solution probably won’t work if you use loose leaf tea. I mainly just store my loose leaf tea in a cupboard. Since I’m usually not in a hurry or only half-awake if I ever decide to do that. However, I do have a teaspoon at my “tea-chest” for when I make loose leaf tea for the bf. Which is usually something from David’s Tea.

For fellow tea lovers out there, how do you store your tea?











2 thoughts on “My Little Tea Heaven Corner

  1. OMG I share your obsessive hoarding of tea too. Except my stash is nowhere as neat as yours and I must go to Costco!! I have all my David’s tea bags in a box and just tins in anther box. I started bringing bags of David’s tea to work now to make some space at home LOL. My mom says I have enough tea to make a tea apothecary.

    What is that blueberry tea?!

    • Haha my boyfriend keeps complaining about my tea stash too!

      The blueberry tea is from the brand called La Cour Tisane. It doesn’t really taste like blueberry really so I’m just trying my best to finish it.

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