Maybelline Clearly Spotted

Maybelline Clearly Spotted
You know how you go shopping looking for one thing and you end up with random stuff BUT that one thing? Yeah that’s how this Maybelline polish landed in my polish stack.

I picked up Clearly Spotted and another Maybelline polish since Walmart had them on sale at 2 for $5. These polishes are also 3-free. This one is part of their Polka Dot line. Clearly Spotted is very aptly named, as it is a mixture of black and white various size hexagons suspended in a clear base. I used 2 coats in the above picture and no top coat, as you can see, it’s not very shiny so if you are one that loves super shiny polishes, I recommend using a top coat.

Application-wise, it wasn’t the easiest polish to use, because I had to play around a little to evenly spread the dots (i tried I promise), but it’s not super thick so it’s not that bad. Also, if you use one thick coat you can probably get the same density as the picture above.

Since the “spots” are not very denseI don’t think it’s best used as a stand-alone polish. However, it’d be great as a layering polish to add some “funk” to other polishes. I might or might not have a post about that coming up in the near future.

This is my first Maybelline polish but I am really liking it, especially because of the price! I can’t wait to try the other one I got!

Have you tried Maybelline polishes? I would love some recommendation in terms of colours since I know I will go pick up more once my exam is over!

(Also, for all the fellow Canadians out there, Maybelline’s website has coupons for their polish, so make sure to check that out if you are planning on grabbing some!)


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