Marc Jacobs Highliner in Ro(cocoa) Review and Swatch

MJ Ro(cocoa)

MJ Ro(Cocoa) Swatch

Ahh Marc Jacobs Highliner in Ro(cocoa). It took you long enough to land in my hands. The price point ($30CAD!!!) of this gel liner in a pencil form was the only barrier between us, but I took advantage of an Ebates 4x rebate deal (10% rebate!) and bit the bullet and got it.

I love the packaging of this liner. It looks high-end and futuristic with its chrome plated body and cap, with a strip showing the colour of the liner. I also love how it comes with a sharpener! The little black part at the end of the liner? Yea, pull it out and you have a sharpener to keep the liner as sharp as you want it to be, whenever you want! MAGIC! Well more like thoughtful design that is expected from a thirty dollah liner.

As much as I love the packaging, I love what’s it in even more. The gorgeous packaging houses a shimmery bronzy brown gel liner. The shimmer you see on the pencil doesn’t really translate to the lash line, it looks shimmery but you don’t see actual shimmer in it.  I love my gel liners, but hated applying it using a brush (especially when I get too lazy to wash them, gross). This liner solves that problem beautifully. It glides on super creamy, and pigmented. Absolutely no tugging at all. 2 seconds later you are left with a gorgeous line on your eyes that will sit there until you want it off, with no primer underneath. No fuss, no budge.

When I first swatched it on my hand in Sephora, I had a hard time removing it with the make up remover they had. It took a lot of rubbing and tugging to get it off, it’s a stubborn one. So my only worry was that it will be hard to remove. To my surprise, it came off effortlessly when I took off my make up with Clinique Cleansing Balm.

I would give this liner a 11 out of 10 if it wasn’t for the ridiculous price. If you already have a creamy brown eyeliner that works for you and doesn’t smudge, this is not something you need.  However, I would definitely recommend this to gals out there who have oily lids and have trouble finding a liner that will stay put and not make you look like a panda! I got this simply because I love Marc a little too much. Shh don’t tell my bf. 

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