Touch It Textured Gold Polish

Touch It Textured Gold Polish
Textured polish seems like the hottest thing in town right now. Everyone is coming out with their own version, and I finally jumped on the bandwagon of textured polish when I spotted this gorgeous gold polish from Jessica.

Admittedly I have never heard of this brand, but it was a great price ($6.50) compared to all your well-known and well-loved brands like OPI, Zoya, China Glaze etc. I got Touch It from NailPolishCanada when they have the no minimum, free shipping event (I think it’s still going on).

I’m not an adventurist when it comes to polish (or anything in life really, borefest), but I am glad I did. The polish is saturated with tiny gold glitter, with occasionally pieces of bigger gold hexagonal pieces, which are still quite small. The application is a dream, the consistency is perfect, and I used one coat in the picture above, O-N-E! Did you see how opaque that is? No? Scroll back up and look! It also dries super fast, which is a huge plus.  Just a note though, do not suffocate this beaut under a layer of top coat, just swipe Touch It on top of a base coat and it will be perfect.

When I put it on the first time I wore it, it lasted a week with no chips, just minor tip wear, which is quite impressive since I type all day and do dishes a lot. Removal is not as painful as your typical glitter polishes, but it is a timely matter, so take that into account.

Have you tried textured polishes? What is your favourite?

P.S. did anyone see the shade Make Him Mine from the OPI Mariah Carey collection? It needs to come straight to my collection, now!


2 thoughts on “Touch It Textured Gold Polish

    • It does look like golden sand! Ahh makes me miss summer again!

      I have started to venture out in terms of nail polish, because there are so many different different types of polishes out there! Textured, feathered, speckled, chalkboard, too many such that my wallet cannot keep up!

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