Lipstick Challenge


Hello, my name is Angel, and it has been 3 days since I last wore the same lipstick. *Crowd: Hello Angel*

So… here’s my story. I have a lipstick problem. I have one mouth and way too many lipsticks for that. I blame the evil part of me which is a shopaholic. Anyways, in wake of this problem, and an inspiration from Jenn @ A Beautiful Zen, I decided to do this lipstick challenge.Β It’s easy. Basically I will challenge myself to wear a different lipstick everyday, until I have used all of them at least once. Simple as that. I think it wouldn’t be hard at the beginning, but as I am left with my bright reds (MAC Russian Red I’m looking at you), electric pinks (Sephora Rouge Mr. Lover, yes you), I will probably hate myself for doing this challenge. We will see how it goes. Won’t be the first time I regret a decision I’ve made.Β 

I will try to swatch and review them as it goes, or do a weekly round-up thing to keep track of my progress. I need supervision, or else I will cheat (I blame you Maybelline and Revlon for all your fantastic lip colours).Β 

Have you ever done a challenge like this? Are you a lipstick junkie? Or do you collect another type of beauty product? Let me know in the comment below! πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “Lipstick Challenge

    • I am planning on doing a weekly recap post on what I wore! Will definitely include some swatches in them!

      I dare you to do the challenge! (just kidding)! But I find it to be a good way to force myself to use some of the colours that I avoid with my life (probably shouldn’t have gotten them in the first place LOL)!

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