MAC Mineralize Blush in Solar Ray Review & Swatch

Solar Ray ($28CAD for 3.2g) is a mineralize blush that came out with the Heavenly Creature collection a little while back. It’s also my first mineralized blush from MAC.

It looks absolutely gorgeous in the pan, a peachy pink blush interlaced with super shimmery golden bronze. MAC describes it as a “peach and gold melange”. I was first hesitant about getting this because it looks so so shimmery, but once applied, the shimmer isn’t really obvious on the cheeks, unless you are in direct sunlight. It wore for 6-7 hours, although the shimmer stayed for longer. I love how this blush gives me the most gorgeous, yet natural glow, and since it has shimmer, it doubles as a highlighter.

The blush feels very finely milled, and is very pigmented. It takes only 1-2 swipes to get the beautiful flush on the cheeks. It has a slight lotion-y smell, but only when you stick your nose in the pan, otherwise it’s unnoticeable.

I love this blush, and I would get another one for back up if 1. it wasn’t this expensive (regular MAC powder blushes are $24CAD for 6g of product); 2. I wasn’t on project pan. If you have never tried MAC mineralized blush and you are considering it, I would highly suggest this one! 🙂 I have also been warned that mineralized products are very prone to breaking, so do NOT drop them!

MAC Mineralize Blush in Solar Ray

MAC Mineralize Blush in Solar Ray

Swatch of Solar Ray on NC25 skin. Left: unblended; Right: blended

Ingredient List for Solar Ray

tl:dr version: Pigmented shimmery blush with 6-7 hours wear, doubles as highlighter, I highly recommend this!

Disclaimer: All products mentioned are purchased by myself, and everything I said are my honest opinions! I am not affiliated with any of the aforementioned companies.

4 thoughts on “MAC Mineralize Blush in Solar Ray Review & Swatch

  1. My friend and I were at MAC the other day and practically everything from this collection was sold out!! The product in the pan looks way too cool!
    Love the peachy-gold colour! I can’t see much shimmery particles in the pic anyway!

    • Ohh 😦 I got them in HK the first day they came out! The sales said that the mineralize products are usually sold out after the first day! I was lucky I grabbed this and another eyeshadow!

      Yahh I think I am going to be wearing this most of the time for the rest of the summer! I’m a little upset about how little product there is though!

      • It’s so hard for me to quantify how much a product would last, but I just checked my tarte blush (5.6g), Maybelline (5.6g) and my Dandelion Benefit (7.0g) – so I definitely see why this blush is more expensive D:
        But mineral products are pretty good!
        Are these limited editions?

      • I’m terrible at guestimating how long something lasts for me! Well let’s hope since I’ve been using my NARS one for ages and it still looks barely used… this will also last me a reasonably long time!

        Yeap I think all the blushes, shadows and MSF from this collection are limited edition! Not sure about other products though!

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