$0 Haul! + Coupon for Free Lipgloss Sample @ The Bay

So this “haul” consist of things I got for free at the mall today! 2 of them are from Sephora, whereas the other one is from the Bay.

I got an email from Sephora this morning about a sample Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer for Beauty Insiders. When I went to Sephora, I just showed the SA the email, and she grabbed it for me happily (yay for not grumpy SA)! And I remember a while ago I also got an email from Sephora about a free sample of Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup. I have no idea what shade I am, but the same SA matched my skin colour to it and I ended up getting Petal. Both samples are nicely sized (0.17 fl oz/5ml for both). Super glad that I stopped by Sephora today!

Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup in Petal

I also got a coupon for a free Clinique lipgloss from The Bay (click here). From now till July 31, present this coupon at Clinique counter at The Bay and get a 14-day supply of Long Last Glosswear SPF15. You can choose between two shades – Bamboo Pink or Sunset. They ran out of Bamboo Pink so I got Sunset. It’s a very bronzy colour, which is different from anything that I have, which is great! I printed my sister a coupon and she got one too!

Long Last Glosswear SPF15 in Sunset

I dropped by Kiehl’s to ask about the $10 gift card, and basically you get a skin consultation there, and then when you buy something that day, they will take $10 off (of minimom purchase $10). So it’s not a $10 gift card for future use!

13 thoughts on “$0 Haul! + Coupon for Free Lipgloss Sample @ The Bay

    • Yay!! Did you get the Benefit foundation too? I hope they still have stocks left in BC since it was quite a while ago it came out! That’s ONE thing I’m glad about Winnipeg…. the lack of crazy shoppers like myself haha!

      • Noooo.. I forgot about the Benefit foundation but you just reminded me!! Ahh I hope there’s some left tomorrow >_<" At least the smashbox primer came out just yesterday HOPEFULLY they have some left for tomorrow.
        I actually wish I was in Winnipeg..the weather in vancouver sucks right now!

      • I sure hope they still have the primer! And the Benefit foundation! Fingers crossed!

        Haha trust me you don’t actually want to be in Winnipeg :p At least not in the winter… So maybe summer in Winnipeg and winter in Vancouver? :p It’s so darn cold here in the winter… no wonder people call it winterpeg! LOL!

      • LOl I never heard of winterpeg! I never actually been there. It’s like winter here right now..people call vancouver raincouver LOL.
        I hope I don’t spend a ton of money entering sephora tomorrow! that place is like a candy store I swear.

      • Ohhh I never heard of raincouver! hahaaha!

        Well if I recall correctly you are done your summer school now right? TIME TO SPLURGEEE 😛 I am proud of myself for entering Sephora today and not spending a cent though! 🙂

      • I went to the bay today! She said we had to book an appointment and wouldn’t give me a free lip gloss! And I couldn’t do an actual appointment on the other days because I had work.
        Did you have a skin consultation?

      • What?! No I just walked up to the counter, showed the coupon, and the girl gave it to me (and my sister since I printed her a coupon). It took less than a minute seriously. There was no skin consultation whatsoever! I don’t even think it said that on the sheet…. Bahhhhhhhh 😦

        Did you at least get the smashbox under eye primer? And the benefit foundation??

      • I got the sephora samples all right!
        BUTTT yeah the bay was a total fail. My friend and I used the coupon you posted, and when I got there, the lady said we had to book a consultation, but we couldn’t do it at the moment cause they were busy- however, there were no customers there or anything! I swear, she was probably expecting us to buy something….ugh. ASIAN retailers.

      • I swear I replied to this comment twice but wp didn’t send it. Anyway- my friend and I printed the coupon you had on your post, and then the lady was like “oh yes we will give it to you after a consultation.” and we couldn’t do the consultation RIGHT then and there either, cause she was “busy” but there were NO customers. geez == i swear she probably thought we weren’t serious buyers. UGH. So yeah she wouldn’t give it to us!!! asian retailers.. i swear most of the people who work at the beauty section in the bay in downtown vancouver are snobs..this isn’t the first time they’ve been …horrible. lol

      • WordPress has been having hiccups for me too. It keeps giving me errors when I try to reply to messages and I have to do it a few times… GAH!

        And I don’t understand why they don’t just give it to you… it’s less work for them! 😦

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