Julep Maven July It Girl Box + Swatches

I know I’m a little late in the game to post about July’s box, but I just got home, hence I just got my package! I am really impressed with this month’s Julep Box since I got 4 polishes for $19.99!

Cute Packaging!

Left to Right: Mila, O Canada!, Daphne, Kate

Because it’s July, Julep includes a free polish in every box, either America the Beautiful (for its American subscribers), or O Canada! (for its Canadian subscribers). As I live in Canada, I got the O Canada! Polish which is a clear polish with multi-colour small glitters and bigger red glitters. It is a pretty perfect combo to represent the colour of Canada!

My “style” is actually “Classic with a Twist”, but I didn’t like how it only comes with 2 polishes + 1 lipgloss, so this month I switched to the “It Girl” box which comes with 3 polishes instead. The colours I got were Mila, Kate, and Daphne.

Mila has a transparent base colour, and is packed full of multi-colour small glitters. I absolutely love this polish! It’s so… glittery! It also surprises me how easily it’s removed. Usually glitter polishes are a pain in the rearend to remove, but this one was actually quite easy to remove.

Daphne is described as a “fresh seafoam green creme”. It reminds me of China Glaze’s For Audrey but more muted (sorry I don’t have For Audrey with me so I can’t do a comparison swatch). I love the consistency. It’s almost opaque in 1 coat, and completely opaque with two. It’s not streaky at all and it’s a breeze to apply!

Kate is probably my least favourite out of the bunch. It looks like a gorgeous white with a pearlescent sheen to it. The application was not as good as Daphne. It’s a little more streaky, but that is expected for most white polishes and I am willing to overlook that. It’s opaque in two coats. My problem with this polish is how it looks after it dried. When it was still wet, it retains that gorgeous pearl sheen, but when dried, the sheen is gone and it looks like I painted my nail with white out!

Left to Right: Kate, Daphne, O Canada!, Mila (All 2 coats)

I also got 3 gumballs in the box, so random haha! Overall I am quite impressed with this box, I wanted to say I am excited to see what comes in next month’s box, but I am on Project Pan so I guess I will suspend my subscription until Project Pan is finished!!

Random Gumballs!


12 thoughts on “Julep Maven July It Girl Box + Swatches

  1. How do you subscribe to Julep? I’m a loyal birchbox girl but have been thinking about trying some other subscription services. Would you recommend this one?

    • Hi there!

      I would suggest Julep for a couple reasons!
      1. You know in advance what colours you are getting, and if you don’t like them, you can easily skip the month, or choose a box that has the colours you want. I like how I know the shades in advance so I don’t get something that I will never use, but at the same time, they throw in random things to keep that “surprise” element going (like the gumballs this time, or the nail file with my intro box).
      2. I got my 1st box for 1 cent! I believe the promo is still going on, simply enter “PENNY” for the coupon code! (I hope this still works!)

      As for how to subscribe, you can just go to Julep.com, do a style quiz, and tada! Enter your shipping and billing info and there you go! Or if you don’t mind, you can use my referral link here: http://JULEP.COM/?R=20235421 🙂

      One thing to keep in mind though, Julep polishes contain much less product than other brands (8ml vs 13.5ml for Essie). I really suggest doing it at least just for the 1st box (for 1 cent there’s really nothing to lose), and if you decide you don’t like it, then just cancel it! 🙂

      Hopefully that helped! If theres anything else I can help let me know!

  2. I was contemplating to get this box..but I have SOOOOO much nail polish I skipped out.The O Canada one is such a nice colour! I thought there would be more sparkle concentration. I have been skipping out for the past 6 months since I got the first box on promo LOL.
    Seriously wondering if I should cancel it….I have to set an Iphone reminder to remember to skip my monthly subscription.

    • Haha I was planning on skipping out too… but $20 for 4 polishes… thats not too bad! I am surprised at how much I actually like O Canada! I think it’d also be great for christmas time on top of green polishes? Since theres only Canada day once a year… gotta maximize the use of this!

      I have skipped all the boxes except this one! I was going to cancel but I liked the option of being able to see it and skip it, so I think I’m going to keep it and keep skipping it until I see something I like!

      Well I think tomorrow we’re getting the preview for next month! Time to skip! :p

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