Last MAC Haul in Hong Kong + 1st Brow Shaping Experience

Okay. So I have 2 more days in Hong Kong, and I am NOT planning on doing more hauls. (We will see how that goes). Here’s my one last MAC haul in Hong Kong, and probably my last haul for a long time, since I will be embarking my Project x Pan journey when I get back to Canada. I also wanted to talk about my first time getting my eyebrows fixed, and my very first “make up class”, all at MAC!

The Haul

So here’s the haul first. I went to MAC the same day the Heavenly Creature came out in Hong Kong (July 14), so I got a number of products from the collection (2/3 are unplanned). The one I knew I will get is the Cremesheen Glass in Astral. It’s a bright pink with shimmer. ($150HKD)

Cremesheen Glass in Astral

I got my first MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow after a make up artist tried it on me. It’s in the shade Universal Appeal. It looks absolutely gorgeous in the pan. It’s a mix of gold, brown, and purple shadows. It can be applied wet or dry. Dry for a sheerer look, and wet for a more intense look. The gold can be used as a highlighter on its own, and you can mix the colours to get a shade that you want! I can totally see myself using this “shadow” as a palette!

Mineralized Eyeshadow in Universal Appeal

The last thing I got from the collection is a Mineralized Blush, in the shade Solar Ray. The make up artist recommended this to me, but I was hesitant because it’s very shimmery. It’s a really pretty peachy pink, with bronze mixed in it. She applied it on me and changed my mind, it looks very natural, and did not look very shimmery to the point where it accentuates my already huge pores. It also did some contouring, since it also highlights the cheekbones.

Mineralized Blush in Solar Ray

I got two more shadows in refill pans. I mentioned in my last haul post that I wanted to get Humid and Contrast, but they were out of stock. Humid is back in stock this time, so I knew I was getting that. Contrast is still out of stock, but the make up artist suggested Deep Truth to me. It’s an absolutely amazing deep blue that’s a lot bluer than Contrast, and more metallic. I was told that it only comes in refill pans, but I found it as singles on MAC’s website.

Left: Deep Truth; Right: Humid

I also got a couple products that was used on me during the Foundation Class, they are the Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC20, and the Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion. I will be talking more about them below.

Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC20

Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion

The Foundation Class

I got a “Face Focused Feature” make up class at MAC, which costed $450HKD, but it’s fully redeemable for MAC products. I signed up for the “Perfect Foundation Class”. The make up artist that taught me was Candy (and she’s also the make up artist aforementioned in this post). She’s absolutely amazing, and I will go more into details about that later.

I will talk about the class itself first. It lasted around 45 minutes, and Candy taught me from the very beginning (skin care), until the very last step (setting your make up). I went to this class with 2 hours of sleep (damn clubbing in Lan Kwai Fong), so I am trying my best to remember what she said then. LOL! The first thing she said was that pre-makeup skincare products are actually a little different from regular skincare. Skincare products that’s made for pre-makeup (eg the ones MAC makes) are usually gel-based and therefore absorbed into the skin more easily, and allows the make up the “stick” to the face better.

First she prepped my face with the Lightful Softening Lotion. Although it’s called a “lotion”, it’s more like a toner. She used this to wipe off any excess dirt/make up residue on my face. Then she slathered on the Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion on my face. It’s a serum that’s specially designed for pre-makeup use, so that it is absorbed faster than other serums. However, Candy said it can be used day and night, as a regular serum. For moisturizer, she used the Mineralized Water Charged Water Moisture Gel.

After all the skincare steps, she used a tinted primer, the Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer, in the shade Adjust. Because it’s tinted, it can also be worn alone if you just want to even your skintone without putting on foundation. Next she applied the foundation. I actually asked her to specifically show me how to use the Studio Sculpt foundation, because I got it a little while ago, and it looks rather unnatural on my face. She used the 190 Foundation Brush to apply the foundation. I have always been weary about using flat brushes for foundation, because I think it will look super streaky. But she proved me wrong. Not only did it not look streaky, this brush was able to spread the product around pretty thin, making it look more natural. Also, the Studio Sculpt foundation is buildable, meaning if there are places on your face that you want more coverage, you can just put more on those areas, with it still looking natural. I got a new brush set online from Sigma when I got home so I can get a flat foundation brush. I seriously cannot justify the price of MAC brushes!

Next comes the concealing steps. Since i went to the class with 2 hours of crappy quality sleep, I looked like I could be related to pandas. Here’s where Candy showed me a step that I wish I knew a long time ago, because it made concealing dark circles less painful. The “secret” is to use a highlighter at the under-eye area because applying a concealer. She used the Prep + Prime Highlighter in the shade Light Boost. She got the highlighter on a dish and the applied it on my under-eye area using a 195 Concealer Brush. After highlighting, I already looked a lot more awake than before. Then she used the same brush to apply the Mineralize Concealer in NW20 under my eyes. She explained that although I use NC for my foundation, I should use a NW shade for under-eye because the warm tone in it will neutralize the blue-ness of my dark circles.

The highlight can also be used in other areas, such as on the wings of the nose to brighten any darkness, or around the lips for a more defined lip shade, or on the brow bones for highlight.

For concealing scars and pimples, she used the Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC20. She used the same 195 Brush to dab it on the scars, and then blend it into the foundation. Although I use NC25 for foundation, she used NC20 for concealer because the next shade is NC30 and that will be too dark. Why doesn’t MAC make NC25 for concealer?!

The last step is setting the make up. Candy suggested using a loose powder when I do my make up at home, and only use pressed powder if I’m on the go. According to her, “due to the production process, naturally pressed powder will be less finely milled than loose powder”. She used the Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. It feels extremely fine when she let me feel it. It looks a lot like the MUFE HD Microfinish Powder, but I am not sure if the MAC one is also 100% silica powder. She suggested I should apply the powder first on areas where I have put on concealer, using a press and roll motion, so I don’t accidentally “push around” the concealer and wasting all previous efforts. She used the 138 Tapered Face Brush to apply it. After setting powder was “pressed and rolled” all over the face, she brushed off any excess powder. And tada! That’s it!

Those are the steps she taught me during the course. As for my overall impression of the course, I really enjoyed it, although I suspect it’s mainly because Candy was unbelievably sweet and pleasant. She explains everything very well, and answered my questions patiently no matter how stupid they are! She also recommended products to me without being pushy. That was probably why I grabbed a few more products that I have intended to. Because I spent over $800HKD, I also got a complimentary Brow Shaping Service (worth $150HKD). I have never had any brow shaping done before, because I do not trust anyone with touching my brows, and I have never had a problem with my brows. They are decently shaped and pretty full and defined. But because Candy was so helpful, and it was free, I caved and let her do my brows.

My 1st Brow Shaping Experience

Because it’s my first time getting my brows fixed, I didn’t know what to expect, but Candy made me feel rather comfortable as she explains everything step by step. She measured my brows using a brush (don’t ask me how she does it), to see if my brows are even, if the “arch” is at the right place, and if the length is good. So turns out my right brow is slightly higher, and the “arch” is a little too forward and too angular, but at least the length is pretty good.

So turns out my right brow looks slightly higher because my right brow is slightly thicker, so she decided to make my left brow slightly thinner, so it’s the same as my right. We also decided to soften the arch and push it a little outward, because according to Candy, my brows are “too angry for my face”. LOL!

It was actually not a painful experience at all. I can barely feel anything. We were chatting for the whole time, so that helps distracting me from thinking about her plucking my brows. It took almost an hour for it to be done, because it’s the first time I’m getting it done. She also knows that I will be heading back to Canada soon so she did a more thorough job so it will last for as long as possible! I looked absolutely hilarious because my eyebrows were surrounded by redness, around 1cm both above and below my brows. I was a little worried that everyone will think I’m crazy if I walked out like this, but Candy applied some calming lotion, and then the Prep + Prime Highlighter, then some compact, and tada, you couldn’t have guessed I just got my brows shaped!

I think I am going to check out MACs in Canada and see if they provide brow shaping services. My brows look a lot more defined (she plucked away all the baby hair around my brows), and I look way less angry! πŸ™‚

If you ever go to Hong Kong, and needs a brow shaping service, I highly suggest making an appointment with Candy L. at the MAC in Harbour City!

This is probably my longest post ever! Thanks so much for reading! ❀

2 thoughts on “Last MAC Haul in Hong Kong + 1st Brow Shaping Experience

  1. LOL intense haul!
    The universal appeal eyeshadow looks really nice!! I’ve been wanting to buy a purple eyeshadow for a while, but not sure if I can pull it off!
    I want to get my eyebrow fixed too! They’re so thick 😦 You should post a pic of your new brows haha!

    • Haha! No more haul for me until I’m done Project x Pan! Gotta make the last one worth while :p I sure hope MAC doesn’t come out with some good collections within this time…

      Hmmm maybe start with a more violet/burgundy purple? I have been loving MAC’s Star Violet! I used to be super scared of wearing purple shadows because I think I’d look like I got beaten up… but this one actually works really well! It’s not a true purple though.

      Aww I think your brows look fine! Have you gotten them shaped before? Haha I will take a picture of it and post it sometime! πŸ™‚

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