Cheap Japanese Lunch @ Hokkaido Katsu Sushi

Finally a non-haul post (to be followed by another haul post)! I met up with a secondary school friend and we went to Tsuen Wan to grab lunch. She led me to this Japanese restaurant in the Citywalk mall, and I am surprised at how cheap their food is!

It’s one of the Japanese restaurants that have the conveyer belt sushi (sorry I didn’t get a picture!), but they also have set lunches. I love their mugs for tea! They have pictures of various sushi on them, so cute!

Both my friend and I got a set lunch of Beef with Rice. It comes with a salad, and either miso soup or pop. The set lunch was $38HKD (~$5 CAD). Seriously?! And the bowl of rice is seriously huge, I could barely finish it, and my friend had maybe 1/3 left!

Beef with Rice

We also got a few sushi. Two pieces of Eel sushi for $18HKD (~$2.6CAD), 2 pieces of Salmon sushi for $10HKD (~$1.3CAD), and 2 pieces of Salmon Belly sushi at $8HKD each piece (~$1CAD/piece). We wanted to order more but we were way too full!

Eel Sushi

Salmon Sushi

Salmon Belly Sushi

The food is pretty good overall, especially for the price, and the salmon and salmon belly sushi were good. The eel was average, but I’ve had worse for sure!

If any of you travel to HK, and somehow end up in Tsuen Wan (it’s not really a tourist destination), I highly suggest this place!

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