Hong Kong MAC Haul Round 2

Yeap. Another MAC haul. I went all out yesterday, after finding out that most basically everything from MAC is cheaper in HK than in Canada (taking tax into consideration). I swear this is the last haul I’m doing in Hong Kong, and I will be starting a project 20 pan when I get back to Canada! (I apologize for the quality of the pictures, but the lighting at the place I’m staying at isn’t the most idea for picture taking. I will be posting reviews on these when I get home, along with better pictures!)

Let’s get the most boring thing out of the way. I got the 15 pan eyeshadow palette (they called it pro colour palette). It retails for $125HKD. I like how it has the grooves for easy retrieval of the shadows, unlike the 4 pan eyeshadow palette.

Empty 15 Eyeshadow Palette

Empty 15 Eyeshadow Palette

I came home with 5 eyeshadows. I got them all in refill pans since I got the palette for them. Each refill pan costs $105HKD. I got Concrete, which is a matte taupe brown colour. I got this to fill in my brows. I have pretty full brows so I don’t NEED to fill them in, but they looked better after they’re filled in.. so I got this for the rare days when I will do my brows.

The next shadow I got was Woodwinked. It’s a warm antiqued gold. I think it’d be a gorgeous all over the lid colour, and I think it’d look really good with Satin Taupe.

I also got Amber Lights, which is a “peachy brown with shimmer” according to MAC. To me it looks more like a really warm gold.

Next up is Mineralized, it’s a gorgeous silvery shade that’s packed with shimmer. I just found out it’s been discontinued! It’s still available in MAC stores in Hong Kong though.

The last shadow I got was Shale, which my friend recommended me to check out. It’s a “mauve-plum with shimmer finish”. It would look really good as an all over lid colour I think.

From bottom left, clockwise: Shale, Mineralism, Woodwinked, Concrete, Amber Lights


I picked up my first MAC paint pot, in the shade Bare Study. It is the most gorgeous beige colour with a pearl finish. I am really excited about trying this! I sure hope it doesn’t dry out fast though! I’m always a little iffy with cream products for that reason. Paint pots are $160HKD each.

Paint Pot in Bare Study

Next I got the MAC lipglass in Impassioned. It’s a bright bright pink. I’ve wanted to get this for a while, and finally did because it’s slightly cheaper here. When I tried it in store, it doesn’t seem to look as bright when it’s on my lips, so if you are not ready for a full on bright pink lip, you can use less products and still get pink colours on your lips. It was $140HKD.

Lipglass in Impassioned

The last thing I got was my first Mineralized Skinfinish Natural. I got it in the shade Medium Dark since I will be using this for contouring. I honestly just got talked into buying it haha. It was $250HKD.

Mineralized Skin Finish in Medium Dark

That’s probably going to be my last MAC haul for a while (finally)! What have you hauled recently?


6 thoughts on “Hong Kong MAC Haul Round 2

  1. I swear you own enough to have your own mini store LOL. Such a nice, envious haul. I have yet to own a MAC eyeshadow. I think my UD Naked Palette is enough to last me the next ten years!
    The paint pot looks interesting- are they for highlighters/eyeshadows?

    • Way to make me feel bad :p jks! I swear I will go on project x pan when I get back to Canada (which gives me another week to haul…LOL)!

      Ohh if you do decide to get a MAC shadow at some point.. i highly suggest “Satin Taupe”! It was my first MAC shadow and my most reached for shadow in my whole collection! I definitely have enough shadows for the next 30 years… lol!

      Paint pots are multifunctional. They can be used as eyeshadows along (like maybelline color tattoo), or as a primer under powder shadow, or as a highlighter! I have heard a lot of great things about MAC Paint Pots so I’m really excited to try it!

      • LOL can’t wait to read your project x pan πŸ˜›
        HK = shopping crazy, so it’s very forgiveable πŸ˜€
        I’ve read other blog posts and satin taupe has come up a few times πŸ˜€ I must check it out some day!!!
        I really want a paint pot now 😦

      • Yeahhh Satin Taupe is like THE colour that works for everyone I think! There are a number of drugstore dupes for that shade tho!

        Check out paint pot next time you go to a MAC! I think they also have it in a tube form (probably not called paint POT, but the same thing), so maybe you can ask for a sample? I know pearlessence did!

  2. WOW such an amazing haul ❀ so jelly. I miss hong kong already…totally regret not doing any mac shopping. 😦 what do you think about Mac's Fluidline Blacktrack? I've been using Bobbi Brown/Dolly Wink but I heard great things about Mac's eyeliner. I have like nothing mac but I figure since people rave about it so much it should be worth looking into!

    • Awww I think my bank account is hating me for shopping right now LOL! Will you be back in HK anytime soon? Just make it up next time :p

      I have been using MAC’s fluidline for over a year, but in the shade Blitz and Glitz. It’s a softer black than Blacktrack and has really subtle gold shimmer which is not noticeable when worn. I absolutely love it. It stays put on my eyes alllllll day (even with the disgusting weather in HK), and I think it’s just starting the dry out after over a year of use (although I still have maybe over 3/4 left after everyday use for over a year. I think they really need to make gel liners in smaller pots!) I have yet to try the Bobbi Brown one, so I can’t compare the two. MAC fluidlines are not safe for use on waterline though, so if you are thinking of using a liner for waterline, I suggest you stick to Bobbi Brown, if not, then definitely try out MAC, since it’s slightly cheaper than BB. I am excited to try the bobbi brown gel liners, since I currently have 3 in my stash!

      If you end up trying the fluidline, let me know how you like it! πŸ™‚

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