Collective Drugstore Haul

I think I have frequented Mannings so much that I should become a VIP there. I went there twice in the past couple days and picked up a few things (again).

The Maybelline Watershine Collagen Gloss was on sale for $45HKD (approx. $5.2CAD + tax/$5.9CAD including tax). I have never seen these glosses in Canada so I assume it’s another Asia/Hong Kong specific product. It seems like Maybelline has a lot of region specific products since I see a lot of things here that I have never seen in Canada, and haven’t seen things that are common in Canada! Anyways, I picked up this gloss in two shades: R32, which is a coral red with gold shimmer; and PF32, which is a pink with no shimmer.

Maybelline Watershine Collagen Gloss
Top: R32, Bottom: PF32

I also picked up two more boxes of masks (I seriously have enough masks for another 2 years LOL). My Beauty Diary masks were on sale for $56HKD (approx $6.5CAD + tax/$7.4CAD including tax) for a box of 10 sheets. There are new masks since the last time I saw them (which was like… a week ago?). Seriously how are we ever going to catch up with all the new masks they come out with? I got the Apple Polyphenol Mask, which claims to minimize pores. This box of mask also has a sticker saying it’s an “upgraded” super fitted mask. We will see if that’s true!

My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask

The other box of mask I picked up was the Caviar Mask. It’s a new one that I haven’t seen during my last visit. It claims to tighten the skin, and restore elasticity, and brightens the skin. I don’t think I fully trust all these claims, but I can’t help but buy them because they are new!

My Beauty Diary Caviar Mask

So that’s a quick haul post! I am planning doing another big MAC haul this week (hint: that means another MAC haul post coming up!), and then I will be starting my “project x pan” when I get back to Canada! It’s something I desperate need to do after this huge month-long shopping spree!

2 thoughts on “Collective Drugstore Haul

  1. I love love love the apple mask! But I have the normal one.
    MBD masks are soooo cheap in HK!! Love them!

    Ahhh I should do a project x pan too..I have so many things that I should use up T_T

    • I’m excited to try the apple one! I really hope it works!

      Sigh I hope i have the will power to do a project x pan LOL! MAC comes out with way too many new collections and stuff ARGH!

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