Hong Kong Haul: Bobbi Brown

I did not actually need anything from Bobbi Brown, but yesterday I realized that their price for certain items are much cheaper here than Canada, so today I visited one of their standalone store in Festival Walk and picked up a few things!

Hong Kong Bobbi Brown Haul

I knew that I wanted to get back ups for the corrector and creamy concealer kit. I first got them at a Holt Renfrew haul a few months ago, I am not near running out of them yet, but it’s so much cheaper in HK I just can’t resist! My shade is Bisque for the corrector, and Warm Beige in the creamy concealer kit. I got them for a total for $510HKD (approx $66CAD, or $59CAD + tax), compared to the price in Canada, where the corrector is 30CAD + tax, and the creamy concealer kit is 44CAD + tax, it’s so much cheaper in Hong Kong!

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Bisque

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit in Warm Beige

I also got talked into getting the Bobbi’s Long-Wear Look set. It has two of their famous long-wearing gel liner, a mini ultra fine liner brush, and a miniature size cleansing oil. The gel liners are in the shades black ink and chocolate shimmer. I already have one the chocolate shimmer gel liner (as a gift from a friend last christmas), but I have not had the chance to use it yet since I have been using my MAC fluidline in Blitz & Glitz diligently, because I don’t want to dry them up. But this set was only $420HKD, so I didn’t care that I already have one of the gel liner, and bought the last one they have! $420HKD is around $55CAD (or $49 + tax). The liners themselves are $25CAD + tax each in Canada, so the two liners alone are already worth the set. It also comes with a liner brush and mini cleansing oil, which makes it a sweat deal!

Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil

Bobbi Brown Mini Ultra Fine Liner Brush

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner in Black Ink (left) and Chocolate Shimmer Ink (right)

I am very tempted to get their cream blending brush, which I totally forgot today. I have been applying the corrector and concealer using my fingers, and I am kind of disgusted at how gross they have became! :S I need to remember to check them out in Hong Kong and see if they’re cheaper! Do you have any suggestions as to what brushes I can check out for applying cream concealer? Thanks! πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Hong Kong Haul: Bobbi Brown

  1. Oh! my mom bought the long wear gel liner with the black and chocolate and the brush, but it didn’t have the cleansing oil. Too bad we can’t share since eye products shouldn’t be shared 😦
    I want to try the Bobbi Brown concealer stuff forever…..still can’t justify the Canadian price….maybe I’ll go in Sephora and see if they can put it on for me and ask for a sample LOL!
    How long does it take to run out of the concealer? Do you use it regularly? Are you halfway done?

    • Ohh the cleansing oil set seems to be only in Hong Kong. I have seen the set without the oil at airport and places too! I have heard great things about BB gel liner and they can be used on waterline… I’m really excited to try them! I now have 3 BB gel liners…. argh.

      I haven’t been using the concealer religiously until a week or so ago. In total I’d say I have used it maybe 3 weeks? I’m not nearly close to half way done yet. I vaguely remember the SA saying it will last 3-4 months if used religiously.

      Let me know how you like it if you try it at Sephora!

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