Hong Kong Day 1 Haul

Oh my god. It’s so humid and hot here, I feel like I’m in a sauna all the time. Thank goodness for the air conditioner, otherwise I am pretty sure I would’ve had a heat stroke by now. I am not even kidding, with humidex it feels like 40+ everyday, and it’s a different kind of heat. In Canada (at least in Manitoba and Ontario), when it hits 46 on the super rare occasions, it is still much more bearable, because it is “dry-heat”, but in Hong Kong, the humidity makes it absolutely gross. I walked out for 5 minutes and I wanted to rush home and take a shower, yah, that’s how gross it is.

On the bright side, the transits, and the malls are very well air-conditioned in Hong Kong. On that note, if you ever travel to Hong Kong in the summer, make sure you bring a jacket with you (no matter how hot it is outside), because once you step into a bus, a mall, a restaurant, or any public indoor places, you will feel like it’s less than 20C. No kidding. It’s quite annoying, since it’s so easy for me to get sick when I go between high and low temperature.

Enough of me blabbing on about the less-than-enjoyable weather in Hong Kong, and onto my haul!

I went to Mannings (a chain pharmacy in Hong Kong), and they had a 30% off all regular-priced skin care product deal, and a lot of the products have already been discounted, so I ended up picking up some masks and a bottle of serum. I was going to pick up My Beauty Diary masks, but they were slightly cheaper in another store… so I plan on getting that another time (probably tomorrow). I got a box of mask from BeautyMate, which is a Taiwanese beauty/skin care brand. It’s the “Nanosphere Acne and Blemish Control Mask”. They don’t have an official english name so that’s a crappy translated version by me. Apparently the nanotechnology used in this allow nutrients to be more effectively delivered to skin cells, I don’t know how I feel about that since I think a lot of time it’s all gimmick. I picked it up because it regulates oil balance (with cucumber extract), and in turn, decrease acne breakout. At least that’s what I hope for it to do! It was on sale for 46.1HKD (roughly 6USD), and it has 7 masks, pretty good value I think!

BeautyMate “Nanosphere Acne and Blemish Control Mask”

The next mask I picked up was a hyaluronic acid essence facial mask. There’s no english name for the brand, but it’s from the company called “Docomo”, which seems to originate from Tokyo, but this mask is made in Taiwan. This mask is said to be developed together with a hospital in Taiwan. I am confusing myself by typing this… lol! Anyways, it claims to provide all day moisturizing, and hyaluronic acid can penetrate deep into the skin, provide deep moisturizing. I got this for 41.2HKD (around $5.3USD), and it comes with 10 masks, even a better deal!

Hyaluronic Acid Essence Facial Mask

The last thing I got from Mannings was a serum. It’s very… interesting. I got it because it was on sale. It’s the Dr. Swiss BB Placenta Gold Serum 24K Gold. Okay, DON’T FREAK OUT yet. I know at first when I saw that… I was like.. BB Placenta?! What the HECK? Turns out it’s from sheep, phew. I’m still a little iffy about this actually… but since I got it already, and unlike Canada and US, most places don’t have good return policy, I will give it a try. I don’t know what made me get it… I blame it on jet lag lol! It was on sale for 176 HKD, which roughly translates to 22 USD. This serum contains epidermal growth factor (EGF) peptides (wow I feel like I’m back in school!), placenta essence (again, sheep!), and 24k Gold, and claims to tighten, shape and contour the face, provide nourishment and pore refinement. They had me at pore refinement. My pores are like craters on MARS. not kidding. We will see how this works… and hopefully it smells nice lol!

Dr. Swiss BB Placenta Gold Serum 24K Gold

And the very last thing I got today, was something I’ve wanted to get for years and years, but I can’t seem to find it in store in Canada, and can’t justify the price tag of buying it online from the States. I caved today when I saw a display at the mall, and ended up breaking my bank and got it. It’s the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. In Hong Kong it’s called the “miracle water”. I got the bigger size (215ml), at a whopping 1080HKD (around 140USD). I thought it will last a while, but according to the SA, it will only last 60 days if you use it properly, since it won’t work if you want to save product and only use a little bit each time. 140USD for 60 days? This thing better work like a miracle. So many people swear by it, so I have really high hopes for it! If it doesn’t work for me (knock on wood), I hope it works for my mom haha! Also, the SA gave me a set of samples, including a Facial Treatment Mask, a Cellumination Mask-In Lotion, and two Facial Treatment Clear Lotion. I’ve always wanted to try their masks, so I’m pretty excited!

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (215ml)

SK-II Samples

That concludes my day 1 of shopping in Hong Kong! Can’t wait for day 2!

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Day 1 Haul

  1. I love Mannings!! Great haul 😀 The beauty diary masks are sooo cheap in HK. I was looking at them at a supermarket the other day and it was $12/box on sale..whereas hk is usually $50HKD/box.
    The SK-II essence sounds amazing! Their products are always so pricey but I hear they work so well!

    • Yeah! I actually got a really cute set of My Beauty Diary Masks today! I will post about them tomorrow! They usually go for $60/box now actually (and that’s when they’re on sale!)

      This is the first SK-II product I’m trying! I really hope it works as well as they’re hyped up to be!

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