Neutrogena Canada 60th Anniversary Sample Pack

A while ago Neutrogena Canada put out this amazing freebie, as a celebration of their 60th anniversary! Basically they had a site where you can pick 5 deluxe samples or coupons, and they will mail it to you! I completely forgot about that until I got it in my mail recently. I am really excited about trying some of these products so I decided to share it with you all first about what I chose/got!

I got a sample pack of All-in-One Make-up Removing Cleansing Wipe (7 wipes). This is probably the product that I am most excited about trying! I have been using a bunch of make up remover wipes lately, since I keep going in between cities and I don’t want to bring my make up remover and cotton pads and all those stuff.

Next I got the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 55. There are rave reviews about this product, but the last time I tried it, my skin held a crazy protest against it. I think I am going to give it a try (on a smaller area this time), and hopefully it will work better!

Next up is the Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 45. I am loving all these products with SPF! I have recently became more aware of the importance of sunscreen, so this would fit right into my routine!

I also get a Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. I haven’t heard much about it.. but a hand cream this size is perfect for keeping in the purse!

The last thing I got is a Facial Cleansing Bar. In all honesty I have no idea whether this is the scented or unscented version. I “think” its unscented, but I’m not 100% sure.

This is probably one of the best package I got lately and I am super happy about it!

3 thoughts on “Neutrogena Canada 60th Anniversary Sample Pack

  1. Omg I completely missed out on this!!!! What a great and awesome freebie!!! You should also check out P&G Samplers-they sent a box to me last week with a razor + Olay regenerist wrinkle complex sample + patene shampoo/conditioner. Kinda like the luxebox haha

    • I got the P&G Sampler too! I got a razor, olay regenerist wrinkle complex sample (which I have 3 now since Luxe box gave me two -_-), and a pack of Downy in-wash scent booster. I love the P&G Samplers! I follow this forum called smartcanucks(dot)ca and that’s where I catch all the freebies!!

      • ME TOO!~!! I love Smartcanucks. Godly site. I saw that Neutrogena thing too but I didn’t click on it, reading your post makes me totally regret it!!! You’re so lucky, most of the deals are found in Ontario!!

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