May Favourites!

How is it June already?! Time passes way, way, way too fast! It means I’m going to be going on my trip in a couple weeks! So exciting, yet I”m dreading the whole planning and packing process… which I will leave till last minute sadly. I don’t think I’ve ever done a post on monthly favourites, so I figure I should start it now!

This past month I’ve finally been a good girl and started putting on sunscreen on my face everyday. I have tried to make myself do that many times before, but all the sunscreens I’ve tried broke me out. I tried Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50 after a reader recommended it to me, and that’s what solidly put sunscreen into my morning routine! It has the distinct sunscreen smell, but it goes away after I apply it on my face. It also feels super light-weight, which is a huge plus. The price tag is a little hefty ($36 CAD for 50ml), but I think I might repurchase this when I run out, because I love it so much!

Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50

The next thing I’ve loved in May, is MAC eyeshadow in Star Violet. I love the formula, the shade, the wear time. I basically love everything about this! I usually wear it on the outer 1/3 of my lids, and then blend it into my crease, it’s a perfect shade for an everyday look, but can easily be build up for a more dramatic look.

MAC Shadow in Star Violet

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Sandstrom. I have been using this product for at least…. 1.5 years, it’s a great setting powder, and it is drugstore! I am actually on my third one right now, which speaks for how much I love it!

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Sandstorm

I have been wearing NARS Liberte on my cheeks everyday since I got it. It’s the perfect coral blush for the summer. It gives me a gorgeous flushed look. I also love how long it lasts on my face. Another NARS blush that I love!

NARS Blush in Liberte

I never liked lip gloss before, until I discovered MAC Cremesheen glass, since then I have bought 4 in a month or two. My favourite this month is Dee-light. It’s a gorgeous mauve-y neutral pink color that is perfect for everyday look! They are also super not sticky, which is great!

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Dee-Light

One rekindled love is Lancome Hypnose drama mascara. I have used this a while ago, but then I switched to trying other products. I ran out of the other products so I started using a new tube of Hypnose drama, and it instantly reminds me how much I loved it! It does not smudge at all (even though it’s not advertised to be water proof), it makes my lashes look long, and lasts all day. The only thing is that you have to be careful when you are applying it, so it doesn’t clump up your lashes.

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara

I haven’t been wearing nail polishes a lot this month since my nails are having a war with me, but for the first part of the month, I loved Zoya’s Farah. It is a gorgeous beige colour, and lasts a very long time! I wore it for around 2 weeks (with just one application!). Obviously there’s some chipping during those two weeks, but it was very minor! I am super impressed with Zoya polishes and I am planning on trying more of them!

Zoya Polish in Farah

What products did you love in May? I would love to hear about them!

15 thoughts on “May Favourites!

  1. I heard so many raves about Rimmel Matte powder I should give it a try. The Zoya polish looks gorgeous. My fave is label.m curl cream, makes luscious soft curls.

    • I don’t think I will ever get tired of the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder! It’s so good, and it’s so affordable! I haven’t been looking for other pressed powder because I have no reason to!

      Ohh I have never heard of label.m! Is it a UK only brand?

      • Hm, to be perfectly honest I don’t know but I doubt it since it’s sold here in Czech Rep. It’s a Tigi?Tony & Guy brand. Pricier than their usual stuff but the best thing for my wavy/curly hair.

      • Ohhh cool! You’re from Czech Rep? Jealous! I’ve always wanted to travel to Prague…!

        I am quite a noob when it comes to hair products… I really should start taking better care of my poor hair!

  2. Lucky! Where are you going on a trip? I want to go on vacation so badly, but summer school has be trapped in the city for the time being.

    Oh you’re so good- I’m lazy when it comes to sunscreen, but Vancouver is rainy all week long so I’m good for now. And that NARS blush looooooks amazing!! LOL- 4 lipglosses in a month?! Crazyyy! I don’t normally wear lipgloss either- but I did get a pack of 8 stilas for $25 when I was in vegas last year…takes forever for me to finish though.
    I have that lancome mascara too from a gwp! haven’t tried it yet- glad I know it works well 😀 Gotta finish my older mascaras before trying it out! I never tried ZOYA- heard they’re very good though!!! I love nude color polishes!

    Hmm, my may favourites- well I’m using my (expensive) Dior lash plumping serum/primer religiously because I love it so so much!

    • I’m heading to HK, Korea and US in a little over a week! So excited!! Oh no.. summer school? That’s a bummer! I worked full time the last two summers so I decided I need to take a break before I start another 4 years of school haha!

      I love Liberte! It’s the only blush I’ve used since I got it (no joke!) Perfect for summer!

      MAC cremesheen glasses are amazing! So amazing that I went a little overboard hahah! I have never tried Stila lipgloss! Is it the kind where you twist the bottom and products come up to the brush? How do you like them?

      Hypnose was one of my favourite mascara, and then hypnose drama just topped it! Let me know if you like it! 🙂

      Zoya is amazing! I am oh-so-very-tempted to buy more, but looking at my nail polish stack… I don’t think that’s happening haha!

      I have heard so much good things about the Dior lash plumping serum.. but I have never used primer! I don’t think I’ve ever personally bought any mascara over $10… I did get some as gifts… but never bought them myself! I tend to splurge on powder make up (forget about the cremesheen glasses :p), since they lasts longer! I don’t like how for mascara… you’re supposed to throw them out after 3 months (not that I religiously observed that rule, not at all!)

      • I am so jealous! I want to go to HK soooo bad and I never been to Korea, but I always wanted to!! Shopping will be so much fun!! I’m trying to convince my mom letting me go to New York….I’ll see how that’s going.

        I still don’t own any MAC makeup lol! I went by to see their Hey Sailor collection, but nothing really striked out to me and I should save my money. >_>
        Yes, they are the one that twists the bottom and comes out on top. Stila glosses are okay, a bit sticky though and most of them are kind of lying in my room..I got that pack of 8, kind of an overkill haha..I tend to stick to tinted lip balms in general.

        I JUST learnt of that 3 month mascara rule this year..I only started wearing mascara since December (it’s actually very sad, I jumped on the makeup bandwagon quite late.) I’m trying to finish all my old ones before opening the Lancome one! I have a feeling my blushes will last for the next 5 years because I rarely use them >_>” Trying to wear them more now during the summer season!

      • Aww well grad trip for you next year! :p Ohh New York is fun! Everything’s so expensive though… fingers crossed that you will be heading there! 🙂

        Yea I’m not too impressed with their Hey Sailor collection… or any of their recent collections really (except reel sexy). I do have my eyes on quite a number of permanent products… we will see how that goes lol!

        Well now that you got 8, you won’t need to buy new lipgloss for a while! :p

        I started putting on make up regularly around… last summer? So I haven’t been on it for too long either! Yeah I’m trying to finish my mascara samples first… Pearlessence got me an Eyeko mascara that I am DYING to try, but I am forcing myself to finish the Lancome first! It’s agony! haha I have enough blushes for the next 10 years I’m sure… the NARS ones you don’t need a lot of products at all, and I have like… 4 of them. Add that to my other blushes… yeah need to stop LOL!! I think peachy coral blushes are perfect for summer!

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