Mini Covergirl Haul

Well… I saw a $4 off $15 coupon at Superstore for Covergirl products… so yeah that’s my excuse for now. I got another Lip Perfection Lipstick, because I loved my first one so much. This time I got it in the shade Heavenly. It’s a muted pink, and I think it will be very suitable for everyday wear! I am very excited to try it and see if it lasts nearly as long as the other one (Fairytale, reviewed here)!

Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Heavenly

Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Heavenly Swatch

Another product I got was their eyeshadow quad. I have used their single shadow before (in Tapestry Taupe), and I loved it. This is my first shadow quad from Covergirl, and they have recently changed their packaging from the usual blue plastic with a clear cover, to a grey/silver plastic with a clear cover. The container itself is also more “boxy”, instead of rounded edges like the old packaging. The amount of product is the same as the old packaging also, which is good! I got this in the shade Fairytale (what’s with Covergirl and Fairytales?), since I’ve heard good review about this in emilynoel83’s video. It has a dark grey, a cool toned grey-beige, a pale pink, and a gorgeous purple.


Covergirl Eyeshadow Quad in Fairytale


3 thoughts on “Mini Covergirl Haul

  1. ooooh pretty colour! I love pinks that could be worn daily!! Although I cannot add anymore to my collection . Now I’m tempted to check out superstore, but I will restrain myself!

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