May Luxe Box!

This was my first Luxebox, and I was originally super excited about it. I was out of the city for a bit so when I got back, the first thing I did was rushing to the mailbox to get my parcel. And then I opened it and found two boxes in it! But the excitement ended about there, because I opened it and looked at what I got, and I immediately decided I am cancelling my subscription.

This month’s Luxebox came in two boxes, one white, and one black. The black box is their regular monthly box, and it came with a sheetthat explained each sample, and how much does a full size product cost. Mine came with two sets of Fekkai samples that are identical (I wonder if that was a mistake? I don’t see the point of having two identical sample in one box, in a subscription service that’s meant to provide various samples for their subscribers to try out). It Fekkai Advanced Salon Technician Color Care shampoo, conditioner, and rapid results moisture mask. The full size product for the shampoo and conditioner cost $30 for 236 ml. My samples are 9ml each, equivalent to $1.17 for each packette of shampoo and conditioner. I got two of them, so that means a total of $4.69. The moisture mask is $45 for 189g, and my sample was 8.6g, meaning the sample is worth $2.04. I do not have color treated hair, so to me, they are not different from any other shampoo that I’ve used.

The next item that caught my eye was an Essie polish! It’s a full size product, and it’s the only product that I have any use of out of everything I’ve got. It’s in the shade Lights, a gorgeous neon pink that’s part of the Poppy Razzi collection. It’s the perfect summer color, and I am very excited to try this out! It retails for $8 for a full size product.

In the black box, I also got a 7ml sample of Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex. It retails for $60 (full size is 15ml), so this sample is worth$28. It is supposed to reduce the appearance of deep lines in 14 days. I personally dont’ have any deep lines (thankfully), so this isn’t exactly useful for me.

The last thing I got in the black box was what Loose Button calls “My Scent”. It contained 3 perfume samples. It is a neat idea for people who like perfume samples, but personally, perfume samples are worthless for me. Especially when I can get them for free easily. (I think the black pouch that held the samples is going to be more useful to me!) The 3 samples I got are CK Shock for Her, Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty, and Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! The samples are all 0.04 oz (1.2ml). As for full size products (50ml), CK Shock for Her costs $40, Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty $78, and Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! for $79. According to that, these three samples are worth $0.96, $1.87, and $1.90 respectively, totalling to $4.73.

The white box says “Bath and Body” on it, and it’s because May is “Thank you, Mom” month. It had a Gillette Venus & Olay razor, which is of absolutely no use for me or my mom since neither of us use razors, but for someone who use razors, it is a pretty good sample. The only other thing in the white box was a 7ml sample of Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex, which I already got in the other black box. Again, why the duplicated sample?

It also came with a coupon code for $20 off any “signature Line” subscription on It seems like a monthly subscription service that sends you a pair of underwear every month… Hmmm okay. It’s just not for me, but if any of you are interested, here’s the coupon code! It seems like it’s $30 for one panty, and then you get discount if you get more… hmmm nope. Definitely not for me.

All in all, I am not impressed with this month’s Luxe box, and I have decided to deactivate my subscription after merely one month. I might be too quick to act, but there is absolutely nothing that is making me want to keep subscribing and try my luck and see if I get a box that’s worth my money. In terms of how much the box is worth in terms of how much the samples cost, it was an excellent value, but what does that matter if I can only one product that’s worth $8? I am very tempted to say that I am more excited about the free Tampax samples I got at the same time in the mail box, at least it was free and I know it’s useful! Lol!

13 thoughts on “May Luxe Box!

  1. Oh no 😦 those samples aren’t “deluxe” at all except for the nail polish, which is gorgeous btw.

    I threw away the pantybypost thing after I got it lol. I don’t know what to do with the Olay thing since my mom won’t use it and neither do I. I heard it makes a good primer though :/

    • I know! I can get them all for free (except the polish) easily! Oh well, at least I can say I’ve tried it haha. I just signed up for top box… so I’m just waiting for the wait list to move haha… probably not for a long time tho 😦

      I am really excited to try the nail polish! I just need to fix my nails first 😦 They are so brittle and they have been splitting like crazy!

      The pantybypost thing is actually hilarious. I wonder how many people will pay $30 for a random pair of underwear? Hmmm…

      Yeah my mom won’t use it either… oh really? I guess I will try that. Sighhhh. I wonder if they just give first time subscribers not as good samples? But it makes no sense to me! If I were them I’d want to give them good things to reel them in… but oh well!

      • I’ve been on the topbox waiting list foreverrrrr, I’ve seen so many good reviews about them!
        My nails always split and peel!! So annoying! I usually put nail polish over it so it doesn’t look too ugly in public.
        Yeah, I guess Luxebox contents truly do vary from person to person….

      • Yeah! I have been reading reviews about Top box and it seems like they have such good samples!

        I just painted my nails… I didn’t care anymore LOL! They were hideous, but I was working in my moms place and no one really cared lol!

        I guess the Luxeboxes are at least truly “personalized”…

      • Too bad the waitlist is forever 😦 The topbox box also looks really nice and classy!

        Lol, I gotta stop getting Essie now- I’ve gotten like 4 within 2 months, although one was from my luxe box.
        Hm, I don’t know how personalized they are…but I did email them and told them to stop giving me perfume, so I got decent samples this month

      • Nice! At least they are responsive about customer’s opinions! Haha I have like…. over 10 Essie polishes… oops! The good thing about Essie is that they don’t get goopey and clumpy nearly as quick as OPI. I have had terrible problems with OPI in regards to that, but some Essie ones I’ve had for maybe a year if not more, and they are still perfectly fine!

    • I was really really disappointed! 😦 At least there’s one good thing in it… I guess. I don’t understand why there are duplications! Sigh.

      Have you tried Luxe Box before? Or other subscription products?

      • Yeah what’s the point of trying samples if you get mostly the same thing? So lame. Never tried luxe box, but I currently have Birchbox. Should receive June box soon, but I did a post for the May Birchbox. it was okay. The best thing was the Diorshow mascara which I LOVE and also blogged about. Hopefully June will be even better. Ive also done MyGlam. they showcase a lot of unknown companies and drugstore type products, but you get full size products a lot to try and the value is good for $10/ month . I just don’t like too many drugstore products so I ended up cancelling that one.

      • Ah I see! I wish Birchbox is in Canada! Hmm I haven’t heard much about MyGlam, but I will check it out and see if they ship to Canada! Full size products sounds good to me, I actually do quite like some drugstore lines! I look forward to reading your June Birchbox review! 🙂

      • Yeah that is a shame! I hear they may be expanding to other countries though so maybe you will get it soon! Yeah I’m not sure if they do, but its good value for what you pay! Thanks me too! haha. love me some samples!

      • Bummer! My Glam doesn’t ship to Canada either! Hopefully birchbox will expand to Canada!

        Who doesn’t love samples? :p I have racked up a huge pile of them… really should start using them!

      • lame! I’m sorry :-/ hmm. don’t you guys have glossy box though? or is that UK? I think I heard that was a good one. Haha I know me too! I have a lot send to me by companies that I review. I will be doing like 3-4 mini giveaways in the next week or so for HABA, Naruko and Rainwater Botanicals so be sure to sign up to win little sample size and sometimes travel size items! ❤

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