Lush Haul (and The Avengers)

Yes… another Lush haul. It seems like Lush just manages to suck me into the store every time I walk past it. I’m always just like… “I wil just take a quick look”, and yet I always walk out with something! 

This time I finally got my hands on the Mask of Magnaminty. If you have been following my blog, you would know that I’ve wanted to get this (because of all thegreat reviews), but never did because they are always out of the small size when I go! Today they finally had it in stock!

I also got a shampoo bar tin for the solid shampoo I got a while back (Squeak Green, I reviewed it here), since I will be travelling soon! I also learnt today that the solid shampoo tin also fits the solid conditioner! I always thought they don’t because the conditioners looked a lot bigger, but it actually fits perfectly.

The last thing I bought was a Tea Tree Toner Tab. You basically dissolve it in hot water and then steam your face using that water! The SA also said that when you are done, you can put the water in a spray bottle, and spray your face with it since it contains the essence of the tab! How cool is that?

I also asked for a sample of the Dream Cream since I have heard it’s great for people with Ezcema. I don’t have that problem (luckily), but I do know someone with that problem. The SA also said the Dreamwash is another great product for people with ezcema, and she offered to make me a sample of both! They contains are pretty small, since they ran out of the big sample jars, but they are filled to the brim!

Now I am going to talk about something I don’t think I’ve ever talked about on my blog… but I just needed to let it out (in a good way)! A movie! I went to watch the Avengers with my sister, and can I say I found a new favourite movie? Oh and new favourite actor?

I love how it’s a good mix of action and comedy, some lines in the movies are just hilarious! Like what Tony Stark said after Captain America mocked him? Or what Thor said after the others said his brother killed so many people? So funny!

And I am for some reason so in love with Jeremy Renner! He didn’t have too many scenes in the show, but every time I see him I’m just like “gasp”. I don’t really understand. I’m usually into hot actors (Ahem Clooney and Gosling), and I don’t think Renner is particularly hot. He’s good looking, I don’t deny that, but he’s not HOT DAMN. I think I’ve been slightly in love with him ever since I watched Hurt Locker last year. He’s just such an amazing and talented actor!

9 thoughts on “Lush Haul (and The Avengers)

  1. I always wanted to try out lush masks! I usually just get the exfoliating stuff for my body.. Cause I always need exfoliation haha. I always walk out with something there too! Everything smells too awesome.

    AVENGERS! best movie of the year, haven’t watched something that good for a while, me and my friend had a discussion about Jeremy renner’s arms. Yum.

    • This mask also smells really good! I am really excited to try it! It’s also a face and body mask… but for me, it’s too expensive to be used as a body mask LOL. My body can just enjoy olive oil + sugar haha.

      Omg I actually had a *swoon* moment when I read the part where you mentioned his arms. oh.em.gee. so much love. I’m a huge sucker for nice arms! I hope he gets the lead role of more movies! I am going to watch The Town just because he’s in it!!

  2. I have been dying to try lush, in general reviews about them are really good. The stuff you good is very interesting. I have so many things on my want list lol. I have to pay for classes, so I have to take it easy on the spending lol. Hopefully I will get to buy some this summer. Oh and I also want to see The Avengers, rave reviews on that film as well!

    • I find Lush products a little hit and miss actually, at least for me. So far it’s like 50% love and 50% hate… so it really depends!

      I feel you! Lush prices are definitely a tag higher than what the student budget can afford! I guess that’s why I worked two jobs during the school year… to pay for school and rent and food and all my hauls… LOL!

      Omg you need to go see The Avengers! It’s SOOOOO GOOD! I’m contemplating about watching it again…

      • With school and my son I can only work one job and still be sane lol, plus theres the matter of having a babysitter for after daycare as well…. Its crazy, but when I do make a purchase I’ll probably go for the things I’ve seen multiple positive reviews on.

      • Omg how do you do it! So much respect!

        It’s a good idea to look up reviews first, also, it’s really helpful if the store has a good return policy, like Lush does!

      • That’s amazing attitude! I’m sure you are doing a great job! Your son is so lucky to have a mom who cares so much about him 🙂

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