My New Little Toy…

I have always wanted to try the Beauty Blender, but cannot justify the price tag… and then I saw a video by a youtube guru named gossmakeupartist. He’s probably my favourite youtuber in terms of make up because he’s so honest and sincere, and has some fantastic tips! I have learnt so so much from him. Anyways back to beauty blender. Wayne mentioned in one video that there are a lot of “fake” beauty blender out there that does exactly the same thing as THE beauty blender, and cost a fraction of the price. 

So I found this little make up blender that looks similar to the beauty blender on eBay from this seller, for $2.75 USD, with free shipping! I figured I might as well give it a try since it’s so cheap, there’s not much to lose.

I got it in my mail this morning, so I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, but it feels like it’s pretty good quality. I will put it to work tomorrow and hopefully come back with a review after I’ve used it enough!

Do you ever buy beauty items/tools on eBay? Are there any particular sellers that you would recommend?

Also, here’s the video Wayne talked about beauty blender and “dupes”!


11 thoughts on “My New Little Toy…

    • Yah! I will definitely keep you posted as to how it goes! Once I get the hang of it haha.

      I’d be so happy if this works well! That means I can order a bunch of them and I can be lazy with washing my brushes/sponges… :p

  1. I’m pretty excited to see the review for this too- few times I’ve considered looking into the beauty blender only to decide that I really can’t – as a student- afford to add it to my makeup routine if its not completely necessary. But maybe now I can! & gossmakeupartist is amazing!

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