Julep Introductory Box – Classic With A Twist

I got my first Julep box for 1 cent a while back, and I received the box sometime in April! I have not been able to review it since I did not see it until recently, when I got home. So as promised, here’s a quite look at my first Julep Introductory Box!

After doing the style profile when I signed up, the “style” I got was Classic with a Twist, so I just got the box in that style. I did not know at the time that I can change to another style if I want! But it’s okay, I didn’t dislike the colour in this set anyways.

Everything came in a nice black box, and the polishes are nicelywrapped in bubble wrap in a pink paper bag. This box also came with a “Facial for Hand Glycolic Scrub”. It also came with a nail file, which was not stated as part of the box, so it’s nice to get a little something extra!

There are 2 sheets of paper in the box, one of them is basically a welcoming “letter” and “Maven Tips”, which just tells you a little more about the program, and their referral system. The other one has information about the products that came in the box.

The two polishes are Anne and Kelly. Anne is a bright purple colour, whereas Kelly is a creamy pinkish colour. I love the shape of the bottles! I personally really like square/rectangular bottles since they save space, unlike round ones which leave so much room unused in a container. (Hence I love love love Essie bottles!)

Their description of the Glycolic Hand Scrub: “Unique double-exfoliating action of glycolic acid and apricot seeds reveal noticeably softer and younger looking hands after just one use. Gentle, non-sudsing natural esters whisk away dirt and excess oil wile combating flakiness. Radically boosts effectiveness of hand cream.” I was probably more excited about this than the polishes. My hands constantly suffer from flakiness and I really hope this will help! I was planning on trying it once I get it, but I kinda hurt my finger pretty bad the day before and had an open wound… and I don’t think a glycolic scrub and open wound would be good friends. I will hold off on this for a little while but I will definitely post a review after I’ve used it!

I will be doing a nail of the day post soon with these polishes!!


7 thoughts on “Julep Introductory Box – Classic With A Twist

    • I know! I get so confused about them sometimes!

      Julep is the first subscription service I’ve tried, I am waiting for my first Luxebox which should be here anytime… so hopefully I will be able to review it too!

      But Julep is still having the promo where you can try your first box for 1 cent, with the promo code “SHAREONMAY” and there’s free shipping! If you are going to try it out, it would be great if you can use my referral link! If not that’s perfectly okay too! 🙂

    • The packaging is so sleek! The amount of product is very little compared to other brands though (0.27 fl oz vs 0.46 fl oz for Essie)! It’s a great deal for me since I got it for 1 cent!

      I really don’t like how a lot of online companies have such restrictive shipping areas! At least have the option, and maybe just charge a little extra to cover the cost! Sighhhh!

      • I didn’t realise you got so little actual product. Yes I wish more online companies would ship worldwide as you say they just need to charge extra for shipping – sigh! One day I won’t need to travel to the States to get the products I want 🙂 x

  1. I have Ann too! I did a one-time subscription for Julep Maven since it was so cheap then I kept skipping every month 😛 They’re products are really good though~ the hand scrub sounds like something I need too!

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