Life Lately… According to My iPhone

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I was at a conference, and then I was flying home (packing and unpacking suck). Here’s just a quick update of my life! I promise I will post more starting soon! You’d think summer holiday would be relaxing… but with work and stuff it’s not really that at all. I am really glad that I am finally home though. I have never been as homesick as last week (and I’m talking about 4 years of university here)!














1. AYCE sushi nom!
2. Probably the last CLT I will have from my university bar. 😦
3. How cute is this froyo cup?
4. Favourite drink: coffee + milk tea. Love this HK classic!
5. Saw this car in an underground garage… I really like it for some reason
6. Froyo again… this time Green Tea + Taro + Crispy Wafer froyo + all these toppings!
7. Raining day in downtown Toronto.
8. Best thing post-Easter? Mini Eggs go on sale!
9. Chocolate cupcake with Raspberry icing. So good!


6 thoughts on “Life Lately… According to My iPhone

  1. “8. Best thing post-Easter? Mini Eggs go on sale!”

    TOTALLY AGREE! I bought packs of these to sustain me during finals time.
    Is that mochi topping on your froyo? 😀

    • I love minieggs!

      yea I ALWAYS put mochi on my froyo! probably my favourite topping! Along with Marshmallows! But this place didn’t have that 😦

      • :O You don’t eat froyo?! I am like ADDICTED to froyo! I tell myself it’s the healthier alternative to ice cream haha. Now I’m back home… I need to find a place that has froyo… 😦

      • No…I like ice cream, but I can’t stand yogurt..frozen or not 😛 If it’s mixed with a bunch of fruits it’s okay, but after I consumed the fruits part and left with yogurt, then it ends up in the trash lol!

        Aw 😦 There’s actually quite a few froyo places in Vancouver.

      • Haha! I can see where you’re coming from. I don’t think there’s any self serve froyo places in this dang province…. sigh.

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