Ginza Sushi and Thai Review – Vaughan Location

I have decided to do more reviews on restaurants that I have been to, seeing how I do eat out quite a lot lately. It’s a habit I have been trying to kick, but sometimes the appeal of trying out a new restaurant wins the battle.

Ginza Sushi is a chain restaurant (which I never knew until doing research on the restaurant for this blogpost), all located in GTA. I have only tried the one at the Vaughan location, so this review does not really apply to the other restaurants, since I assume they all have different chefs. (Also, I apologize for the lack of pictures, my little cousins kind of went at everything before I can stop them haha!)

The decor of the restaurant is pretty nice. It’s simple and rather conservative, and clearly inspired by Japanese style. I am not the biggest fan of the U shaped booth seats, but that’s just my personal preference. It has both all you can eat (AYCE) option, and a la carte. As per standard for restaurants that offer both, everyone at the same table has to choose the same option, i.e. either everyone AYCE or everyone gets a la carte.

The price for AYCE is pretty standard, $12.99/adult on weekday and $15.99/ adult on weekends. I am surprised that they offer no senior discount, I can’t remember off the top of my head any AYCE sushi restaurants that don’t offer seniors discount. They are running a deal where if more than 6 people go, one eats free. So if you are a big group looking for AYCE sushi in this area, this might be something you want to consider. I didn’t try their AYCE menu, since I went with my grandma, some little kid cousins, and just a couple other adults, it didn’t seem like a good enough deal. (Especially when half of the group don’t eat raw fish…)

Their lunch special menu is of pretty good value, ranging between $8.99-$10.99 for a bento box, which also comes with miso soup, salad, and ice cream. It also comes with 6 pieces of sushi rolls, and you can choose between dynamite, california, or spicy salmon roll. I ordered the Salmon bento ($9.99) with spicy salmon roll. I absolutely love spicy salmon roll in general, so I order them whenever I have the chance!

The Food Themselves…

When the bento box arrived, I have to say I was a little disappointed. I have had salmon teriyaki bento box in many restaurants withint the same price range so I think I have a pretty good idea as to what is the “standard”. Usually salmon teriyaki pieces are rather thick and not wide, just like the regular salmon fillet you get in the fresh seafood section of grocery store, but this one looked different. The piece of salmon was wide and flat, and it was rough and chewy, almost rubbery when I tried it. It even tasted like frozen salmon, like those frozen sections you can get in the frozen aisle of grocery store, you know what I mean? I am not paying a lot of money for this bento box, so I don’t actually expect a piece of fresh salmon fillet, but at least make it not that obvious, no?

Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box
(I hate having random empty compartments when I order bento box, like.. really? How sad does that look?)

The salad was also slightly disappointing, although not nearly as bad as the salmon. It looks like the standard salad you get at japanese restaurants, but the sauce tasted… dull. I can taste what it’s supposed to be like, but it just doesn’t have enough flavour to deliver it.

Spicy salmon roll… was my favourite part of the bento box, not because it’s exceptionally good, but more like it did not disappoint as much. Although I wish it was more spicy and sweet, instead of salty. The taste of the salmon was masked by the saltiness. At least it still tasted like spicy salmon roll.

Spicy Salmon Roll

And then I thought they can’t possible screw up ice cream… I ordered mango ice cream. While it looked like normal mango ice cream, it tasted more like vanilla ice cream that has a slight mango flavouring? I don’t know what’s going on there.. but it’s ice cream so I ate it LOL!

I tried a little of the other things ordered by people I went with. The chicken teriyaki from the bento box was super dried and chewy. The beef teriyaki was.. tough and chewy and over cooked. The BBQ eel tasted like regular BBQ eel, but felt super mushy.

The dynamite roll tasted like your standard dynamite roll, nothing special, but nothing wrong with it. I did not try the california roll, but it looked like they stuffed it with avocado. My little cousin who loves california roll refused to eat it after tasting/seeing the absurd amount of avocado in it. And there was no cucumber in it.

California Roll

The Service

It was a pretty big restaurant, and was packed during lunch hour. There were two waitresses working. It took at least 15 minutes after we sat down for someone to come over, they did not offer/ask water/tea, until I asked for them. Then we waited another 5 minutes for tea. The waitresses were so busy they had to ask this guy who works in the kitchen to bring us tea. It took another 10 minutes for us to wave down a waitress so we can order… and then we waited close to 20-25 minutes for our bento boxes. In most restaurants it takes only 10-15 min for them to bring out bento box.. but they were busy so I am not holding this against them. (Maybe if they don’t overcook the food it will take less time.) The waitresses themselves are pretty nice, and speak cantonese, mandarin and english.

Bottom Line

I personally would not be visiting this restaurant in the future, at least at this location. It’s cheap, but not fast, and the quality of food fell way short. Service was minimal, but at least they are not rude. I would rather drive 10 extra minutes to go to Mi.Ne Japanese restaurant nearby for food at the similar price bracket, but tastes way better, and have exceptional service.

But if you are a huge group looking for some cheap AYCE in the area, and don’t really care too much about the quality of sushi, this might be some place you want to look into. Although there are some better AYCE restaurants in the area, none of them are very near by.

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3 thoughts on “Ginza Sushi and Thai Review – Vaughan Location

    • Yeah.. that’s probably the saddest bento box i’ve seen/ eaten. At least now I know, and it wasn’t like I spent a lot of money on it.

      I love salmon teriyaki! It’s what I always get when I go for lunch special. I avoid ordering chicken in general when I go out because I can hardly find any place that don’t screw up my chicken. And I can easily make similar crappy chicken at home at a fraction of the cost! XD

      Salmon Teriyaki is harder to screw up, at least I find… for the most part, which is why I always stick to it. You should try it sometime! 🙂 I think you will like it!

      • Yeah! I’m actually trying to eat more fish, less chicken/beef so I definitely want to try salmon teriyaki! I can’t make chicken 😦 I’m such a fail cook lol.

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