Sephora VIB + Lush + YSL + MAC + Drugstore Haul

Yes… I had a huge shopping spree (to me anyways) yesterday, and my excuses this time are: 1. 15% off at Sephora; 2: I worked in the lab from 10AM-9PM the day before; I won a Lush gift card from the wonderful Magdalena; 4: $10 off YSL Touche Eclat at The Bay ends soon.

So with all the reasonings above, I headed for Toronto for a weekend of shopping!

First I went to Lush, with the hope to get the Mask of Magnaminty, but they were all out of the smaller size, so I decided to get that another time. I did pick up Angels on Bare Skin (a facial cleanser), and a solid shampoo. The sales associate recommended Squeaky Green so I am going to give that a try, since I have absolutely no experience with Lush hair care. I was weary about how long the shampoo will last since it’s a pretty small piece, but apparently it lasted the sales associate 6-8 months… Although I still have doubts about that, I guess I will have to see for that myself!

Squeak Green Solid Shampoo

Angels on Bare Skin

Then I headed to MAC, I never liked the sales associates in MAC in Eaton’s Centre, everytime I went there, they act like they are too good to talk to you. I went to pick up another Cremesheen Glass but I also wanted to try the Pro Longwear Lipglass since there was a colour I really liked. Oh boy it was the most most most sticky lipgloss I have ever tried in my life, even after I wiped it off my lips, my lips still feel sticky, so that’s a no-go. I ended up picking up a Cremesheen Glass in Deelight (mid-tone neutral) as per recommendation from Karen (at makeupandbeautyblog). It’s such a natural colour, a change from my beloved Double Dare, but I can see how this will become an essential in my make up routine!

I headed to The Bay to pick up the YSL Touche Eclat since they have a $10 off coupon! I have wanted to try it for the longest time but could not justify the price tag, so this coupon gave me an excuse! Touche Eclat is such a holy grail item for so many people, so I really hope I will love it too! It’s a highlighter but everyone says it’s absolutely great as an undereye concealer, which is something I needed desperately! I got matched with the shade 2.5 (Luminous Vanilla, for light to medium complexion with warm undertone).

And now to the store that basically sucks money out of my bank account – Sephora. I am still upset I didn’t get to go to the VIB event on March 28th to get all the freebies! But hey, what can I do? Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer is the only thing I actually needed, but the only shade they are out of is mine (Bisque). I checked another Sephora later and they said they have been out of this shade for at least 3 months and there might be some manufacturing problem with the shade. Erm, what?! So not impressed with that. Anyways, so then I went around Sephora and picked up a few other things, I have read amazing review about Ole Henriksen skin care products, so I picked up the “3 little wonders” kit, which contains the Truth Serum Collagen Booster, Sheer Transformation, and Invigorating Night Gel. Since I am obsessed with lipsticks, I just had to pick one up since I was in Sephora. I ended up getting Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense in 32. It’s a gorgeous satin soft pink. So excited to wear this! I also picked up a duo pack of Evian Facial Spray. I have meant to get this for the longest time but never remember, and it caught my eye this time when I was heading to the check out.

Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders

Evian Facial Spray

Make Up For Ever Lipstick in 32

Lastly I went to Shoppers Drug Mart just to kill time, but I’m glad I did since they had the whole Yes To… line on sale! I picked up the Yes To Cucumbers Natural Glove Facial Towelettes. It will be so useful for me since I travel between cities quite often and it’s a pain to bring make up remover and cleanser and all those. Now I only need to bring this pack of 3-in-1 wipes!

I also got a bunch of samples from Sephora and The Bay!

From top middle, clockwise
YSL L’Homme Libre Eau de Toilette
Ole Henriksen Trueh Creme Advanced Hydration x2
Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme x2
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free in Nude (since Bisque is all out, I am trying this to see if I can use this shade instead!)
Make Up For Ever HD Blush #6 (Quickie)
Ole Henriksen Total Truth Eye Cream
Skyn Oxygen Infusion Night Cream x2

Did you take advantage of the 15% off at Sephora? I’d love to hear what you bought!


19 thoughts on “Sephora VIB + Lush + YSL + MAC + Drugstore Haul

  1. Nice purchases! I love Angels on Bare Skin, it leaves my skin looking fabulous. It’s one of the only cleansers I’ve come across that doesn’t leave my skin super dry (I have seriously parched skin).
    Let me know how the solid shampoo works out for you. I’ve never used any hair products from Lush. Would love to know if it’s worth my $.

    • Thank you so much for the prize! I really appreciated it! It gave me a chance and excuse to try out Lush products!

      I tried Angels on Bare Skin this morning and I absolutely love it! It leaves my skin clean and soft without feeling like it has stripped everything off my skin (you know what I mean? That “squeaky” clean feeling!)

      I will definitely let you know how the solid shampoo works for me! It’s very intriguing and I sure do hope it works as well as it advertises!

  2. Omg! I always wanted the YSL Touch Eclat, but I really don’t want to fork over the money for it. I bought something similar from Maybelline called Dream Lumi, and L’oreal has another one called Magic Touch, but I’m still lusting over the Touch Eclat. I’m so excited for you haha!

    Whoah! That Lush solid shampoo looks pretty awesome! I want to see that when I go to Lush sometime. And seems like you got many samples from Sephora. How come all retailers are much better in Ontario than here, in BC? 😦
    And sadly, I went back to Sephora again too, even though I said I woulnd’t go to that location anymore lmao.

    • I tried the Garnier undereye roller thing and it didn’t really do too much for me… so I decided I might as well spend some money and get something that will probably work better! I tried it today and I really like it! Sephora carries YSL so it might be a good time to try it with the 15% off! :p Do the Maybeline and L’oreal ones work well?

      I will let you know how the solid shampoo works out for me! It’s such a cool idea!

      The Skyn samples are from The Bay, but the rest are from Sephora! I asked the lady if they have any left over from the VIB event.. and she grabbed me those samples! As for the ones in the jars… I just asked them for samples! The lady gave me enough MUFE blush to last me a year! That stuff is so so so pigmented you only need the tiniest drop and she filled almost half a jar!

      Haha Sephora always manage to suck us right back in eh? There’s just so many things in there! So many pretty things!

      • The Maybelline is okay, I’ll do a review some day when I have time haha. I don’t want to explode my wallet with the YSL since I already have a couple of concealers/highlighters 😦 Maybe next time ><"

        Hmmmmm, maybe I'll ask a sales associate for a sample of the blush! I've seen and it looks so pretty!

      • Oo I look forward to the review! I would love to know a more affordable alternative to Touche Eclat haha!

        That blush looks so gorgeous but just watch out when you use it! It’s so intensely pigmented so it’s super easy to over do it! It’s so pretty tho! Let’s see if it can rival NARS’ blushes’ holy grail position haha.

      • The only blush I use is the Tarte Amazonian Clay one,which I got in the states (thank goodness, so expensive in Canada.) It costed $25, so I don’t think I’ll be buying any blushes soon 😦 Getting a free sample would be great haha.

        I never tried NARS, but I heard Orgasm is the best seller?

      • I am going to buy so much when I’m in the states… or ship everything I buy to my boyfriend when he works there LOL. So so so much cheaper!

        I’ve heard great things about the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes, so hopefully one day I will try them! I have not been looking for blushes lately since I am so in love with the NARS ones.. I have Dolce Vita and Amour and I love them! They are so pigmented! (I got the MUFE one just because I wanted samples haha!)

        Orgasm is the best seller, but it’s too shimmery/glittery for me! I think my next one would be Deep Throat, which is more shimmery than the ones I got, but not nearly as much as Orgasm!

      • I know! When I was in Vegas last December me and my friends were mind blown at Sephora there. Everything is so much cheaper and the store has so much more selection!

        I probably have to stick to one blush, since it takes me so long to finish one. >.<
        Yeah, I saw Orgasm today at Sephora but it looked too shimmery for me when I swatched it on my hand. I think I'm too pale for pigmented blushes 😦

      • Haha I use my NARS daily for at least 3 months and there isn’t even a dent in it. It still looks almost brand new.. yet I cannot stop myself from buying more LOL!

        Hmmm if you use a light hand you can probably still use pigmented blushes! Don’t be afraid of experimenting! 🙂

  3. Hehe you got the same Evian facial spray I got in my Glossybox! Tell me how the Touche Eclat works out for you – whether it really lives up to the ravings. I saw the Yes To… line at SDM too, but was hesitant to get anything as I wasn’t sure how good it is. And I just can’t figure out how solid cleansers are supposed to work – it’s so strange to use. It’s great that you got so many samples anyway! And mostly of things you want (the little Sephora jars) 🙂

    • Haha I love Evian facial spray! I started using them when I was like 10.. and stopped when I came to Canada!

      I used Touche Eclat for the first time today, and I loved it. I will let you know how I like it after I use it more!

      The Yes To.. line has pretty good reviews! I also like how they’re natural! I will probably try more things from that line when they go on sale again!

      Hahaaa the solid shampoo… apparently you just wet your hands, then rub it in your hands so it lathers up, then use that on your hair! I will let you know how it goes for me!

  4. Eeee, oh my gosh! What a wonderful haul! Glad to hear you’re enjoying Angels on Bare Skin! I think it is (or has been) one of the most popular and well-rated cleansers.

    The Yesto products are pretty great. I’ve used the cucumber and the blueberry facial wipes. I prefer the cucumber one! I also hit up Shoppers this week, and found the Yesto sale! Picked up the Yesto Carrots Repairing Night Cream.

    And pretty much anything by Ole Henriksen rocks my world. I can’t wait to hear about your experience with the 3 Little Wonders 🙂

    • I am loving Angels on Bare Skin! It makes my skin feel so soft and clean!

      The cucumber facial wipe is the only thing I’ve tried from the Yes To line.. and I do quite like it! It’s so convenient! I will try out other products from them in the future!

      I am really liking the 3 Little Wonders! I am so glad I picked it up with the 15% off deal at Sephora, since they are pretty pricy! Are there any other products from them that you would recommend? 🙂

      • From Ole Henriksen, I’d recommend their “New Beginning” face scrub, Blue & Blackberry Enzyme Mask, and their African Red Tea Cleanser. They have great kits for skin types that I’d love to try (I’d get the sensitive one). They’re expensive, but it’s a decent investment, & you only need to use a little! 🙂

      • I can’t seem to find the “New Beginning” face scrub… is that the same as the Walnut Complex Scrub?? I am actually looking for a good face scrub haha!

        I will check out the other two products probably next time Sephora has a sale… since I have a ton of masks I need to use and I just got a great cleanser (Angels on bare skin) so I feel like my face would appreciate me not changing product on them every week haha!!

        Thanks a lot for the recommendations!! 🙂

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